Rommulans Never Learn

From five years ago, the Arctic was doomed and I was a denier.

ScreenHunter_2249 Jun. 05 00.21

When things were rotten: Arctic sees record sea ice shrinkage, headed toward record low volume | ThinkProgress

And five years later, the ice is still almost exactly the same as twenty years ago.

testimage.2 (3)

Someone with an IQ over 30 might be able to figure it out, but not climate alarmists.

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12 Responses to Rommulans Never Learn

  1. Mann + Nutti + Schmidt = 29!!

  2. Gary Downing says:

    What about the thickness of the ice?

  3. Marsh says:

    Some talk of emotional IQ & others,,, but it’s “moral IQ” that is lacking in the climate alarmists. The “warmist collective” cannot differentiate between right & wrong…

  4. Jim Hunt says:

    At the risk of repeating myself repeating myself, the ice is NOT still almost exactly the same as twenty years ago:

    “Can you see the dark blue areas in the 2015 image where there aren’t any in the 1995 image? Try looking at the Beaufort Sea, the Chukchi Sea, the Kara Sea and the North Water Polynya”

    The shiny white area in the 2015 image is also of course a long way from the current reality.

    • njsnowfan says:

      Jim Do me a favor, Take a look at Bearing sea ice data with the PDO and look at Western Arctic cover with the PDO and El Nino years.
      You will see when PDO is positive & when an El Nino year sea ice in those areas are lower.
      Opposite occure when PDO is neg and a LA Nina year.
      There is always a cause and effect.

      BTW I came across this video and you should like it from the myth busters in 2009. It shows in their test that C02 and methane to rise air temperatures and were Confirmed.
      One problem, they did not say how high they raised the C02 and methane in there test. But if you look closely they show a screen shot of the Gas exoert and his computer screen.
      To get temp in their test to rise 1c above the control test the had c02 at 7.25%(75,259 ppm) and methane at 8.118 ppm.
      Take a look.

  5. R Shearer says:

    The TSA found no ice.

  6. rah says:

    So what? When it drops below 2012 or the NW passage is open, let me know.
    Your not just arguing about if there are more or less gnats hanging around a elephants bung hole but where they are as if it’s “science” and substantive “data” that proves something when NOTHING substantive outside the range of natural variability as seen in even the very short time span of the last 100 years has occurred with Arctic sea ice.

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