Summers Getting Shorter In Fort Collins

We are having the greenest summer anyone can remember in Fort Collins, and the weather is perfect right now.

ScreenHunter_9616 Jun. 21 13.02

But it won’t last long. Summers are getting shorter here in Fort Collins, with the last spring snow coming later, and the first autumn snow coming earlier than it did in the early 20th century. The snow-free season is almost a month shorter now than it was in 1900.

ScreenHunter_9637 Jun. 22 06.19 ScreenHunter_9636 Jun. 22 06.19 ScreenHunter_9635 Jun. 22 06.17

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5 Responses to Summers Getting Shorter In Fort Collins

  1. Gail Combs says:

    No that is a very interesting way of looking at the climate. It is hard to argue with and hard to hide.

    Can you produce similar information for other states too Tony? If you do it would be nice to have it collected in one place.

  2. This exemplifies what Hoaxers come up with … but demonstrates the opposite …

    Great Work!!

    Earlier in the year, DC Cherry Blossoms was a topic.. this year they blossomed super late.. thus the Hoaxers ignored this fact… or… turned it around and called it “Climate Change”… Read this piece.. Trenberth is directing his well-funded Storm Troopers to link everything to “Climate Change”!! …

  3. Good or them, summers are NOT getting shorter here in Alabama.

  4. Here in Boise, Idaho,

    I have noticed a few similar “anomolies”:

    Trending toward fewer 100-plus degree days of the Summer (in a row). We used to have about two and a half weeks straight of 100’s days. Last year, 2014, I recall about five days of 100’s-plus.

    Also something else interesting:

    Our Summers seem to consistently have higher-than-normal humidity, and we are in the DESERT! Usually by this time of year, we experience hot and dry, NOT humidity around 15-25%!

    This has been the past five or six Summers in a row too.

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