Another Victim Of Climate Data Change

Christopher Burt keeps track of weather extremes at Weather Underground, and provides huge amounts of valuable information that I frequently reference. But he has been snookered by tampered NOAA temperature data.

He published this graph showing that the past decade has had the hottest summers in the US, which is utter nonsense.

ScreenHunter_9690 Jun. 24 08.40

Weather Extremes : Hottest Summers, Coldest Winters for Contiguous U.S.: A Few Years Loom Large | Weather Underground

The 1930s were by far the hottest decade in the US. Maximum temperatures were about two degrees warmer. Afternoon summer temperatures are no warmer now than they were in the 19th century.

ScreenHunter_9692 Jun. 24 08.52

Average daily temperatures were also much warmer, even with UHI effects bringing up nighttime temperatures.

ScreenHunter_9691 Jun. 24 08.46

So what is wrong with Dr. Burt’s analysis? He is using tampered temperature data from NOAA. For example, his data set shows the hottest summer in Wichita Kansas as being 2011. The two closest HCN stations to Wichita show that 1934, 1936, 1954 and 1980 all were hotter.

ScreenHunter_9695 Jun. 24 09.04

ScreenHunter_9696 Jun. 24 09.05

NCDC massively adjusts US summer temperatures, cooling the past. This creates the appearance of a non-existent warming – and leads good scientists like Dr. Burt to the wrong conclusion.

ScreenHunter_9698 Jun. 24 09.14ScreenHunter_9697 Jun. 24 09.12

Hot days were far more common and widespread in the 1930s.

ScreenHunter_9703 Jun. 24 09.37 ScreenHunter_9702 Jun. 24 09.35

The past decade was nowhere near as hot as the 1930’s in the US. Data tampering by NOAA destroys climate science, and causes good scientists to reach wrong conclusions.

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11 Responses to Another Victim Of Climate Data Change

  1. omanuel says:

    We have all been snookered for decades by government data tampering.

    We know the problem: Stalin essentially won WWII, united nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) into a giant, worldwide “Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Scientific Truths” on 24 OCT 1945, giving control of federal research agencies in the United States to the US NAS – a private group of distinguished scholars that President Lincoln appointed to advise the government on all matters of science and technology in 1863.

    What is the solution? To get the jackass out of the ditch as soon as possible, we need to know if Galen Winsor’s report is valid about the post-WWII “Nuclear Scare Scam.”

    • Back in 1945 .. just kidding….

      These ALTERED Datasets are a continual problem… average people download the data and make a graph showing Climate Change.. when… in fact the whole thing is rigged right from the start…

      We DO need to go back to 1945 and start over…

      Steven, where can people get actual Temperature readings??

  2. Have you seen the great news: the Dutch government, who have been trying to quietly give up their stupid carbon commitments have been told they must either comply with their own laws … or change them!

    Now let me see will they:
    a) comply with the court and opt for economic suicide
    b) find some scapegoats to blame for the climate scam and basically admit their scepticism before they ditch the law?

    • Holland has lots of windmills. They should be carbon neutral by now.

      • Tony, governments worldwide have been trying to quietly ditch this CO2 scam whilst not upsetting the gullible greens. Now the cat is out the bag – there’s no benefit pandering to the greens and they may as well go the whole hog.

        • They should send skeptics money to help get the word out.

        • That’s what is so great about these court cases.

          Suddenly governments will be very keen on us sceptics!

        • An… no they won’t…

          We’ll need about 10 more years worth of Cooling or Stagnant Temperatures for things to change in any significant way… OR .. massive court battles…

          Debate has been snuffed out in Science, the Media, and in Politics…. Policymakers who pass laws/rules on the basis of Climate Change and Fake Science CAN be taken to Court by those affected… the impetus for these Laws/Rules called into question… Climate Change data called into question in COURT…

          We are all damaged, plaintiff’s of the endless increased Taxes and Laws passed due to “Climate Change”…

  3. Hifast says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections and commented:
    Exposé of data manipulation.

  4. More propaganda,
    More data adjusted,
    Gone are the days
    When science could be trusted

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