Understanding The Danger Of CO2

CO2 has increased by one part per ten thousand over the past century. This is equivalent to packing an extra eleven people into Camp Nou, or an entire football squad.


This graph shows the alarming increase in CO2 over the past century.

ScreenHunter_9683 Jun. 24 07.20

Climate skeptics threaten America’s security, in exactly the same way that Jews threaten Germany, or cartoons threaten Allah.

ScreenHunter_9684 Jun. 24 07.27

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12 Responses to Understanding The Danger Of CO2

  1. FTOP_T says:


    900 Dutch Eco-fanatics have been able to garner court action to push their government to move to unsustainable energy solutions.

    I hope the court is as equally vigorous in prosecuting these 900 for crimes against humanity. Over 1000’are dead in Pakistan because they have unreliable energy.

  2. Warren D. Walker says:

    That is an alarming trend line.

  3. At infant school in the Xmas play we were all supposed to hold up our hands up in an outward facing circle and turn around until the signal was giving to drop them. But on the night I ended up facing the audience and because of the bright spot lights I couldn’t see the signal – and I was left as the only one holding my hands in the air until given a sharp poke from the child next to me.

    These people still making such stupid comments about sceptics must be in the same blinding limelight looking really stupid because they are unaware that everyone else has stopped being such twats.

  4. Hear the green jack boots marching,
    By the left, by the left;
    They’re stealing our logic;
    But let’s deny them their theft.

  5. kbray in california says:

    A suggestion:

    Another chart like this with additional lines for Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon, to give additional perspective. Add a pointer arrow for the CO2 line, with a little quip phrase.


    Everybody I know thinks CO2 is a huge percent of the atmosphere.

    (did not intend to double post)

  6. kbray in california says:

    If CO2 controls Earth’s climate then Pluto controls the Solar System.

  7. Chuck says:

    We were at Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain today. It is enormous, 99,000 spectators

  8. desertspeaks says:

    the period in the history of this planet, with the highest Co2 levels, was also the period with the largest proliferation of life on this planet..resulting in mega flora and mega fauna!
    What passes for science today, ignores this fact! Co2 is NOT dangerous, it is life giving, to the extreme!

  9. Ted Wansley says:

    Yea but NASA has proven that Co2 cools the atmosphere and is one of the two “most efficient coolants in the atmosphere”. That’s when former NASA Chief Weather Scientist, Dr. Hansen, resigned in shame. Where have you been?
    NASA produced Special Education video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEFQHDSYP1I&feature=youtu.be

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