Children’s Lives Don’t Matter

The northern states used children for what was essentially slave labor well into the 1930’s. I don’t hear any of these whack jobs  calling for the US flag to be banned.

Forms of child labor, including indentured servitude and child slavery, have existed throughout American history. As industrialization moved workers from farms and home workshops into urban areas and factory work, children were often preferred, because factory owners viewed them as more manageable, cheaper, and less likely to strike.

Child Labor in U.S. History – The Child Labor Education Project


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27 Responses to Children’s Lives Don’t Matter

  1. SMS says:

    I used to deliver papers as a kid to earn a little spending money for the movies and sweets. Little did I know I was being exploited those fascist bastards at the Rocky Mountain News. Too bad they are out of business; I’d have a chance to sue. Eventually make an appearance at SCOTUS and let the liberal judges on the court tip the scales of justice in my favor as an under represented minority; adolescent boys with a hunger for candy.

    • 12 year old children in sweat shops 100 years ago were essentially slaves, working 16 hours a day and no education.

      • Embracing the Confederate Flag right now will negatively impact your great work on the Climate Change Hoax…

        Best bet is to wait… wait for the Left to overreach… and call em’ out… they are already scouring the World for anything which contains a Confederate Flag to ban… call folks racist… cant even buy a used “Alabama’s Greatest Hits” on Amazon or Play Civil War Games on your IPAD..

        Gone with the Wind… Dukes of Hazzard… things people like… harmless things are being targeted by Progressives…

        Meanwhile… very little coverage of the 15,000 person unity Rally down in Charleston… I guess its not divisive enough for MSNBC… they only promote events which further the notion that America is a Racist Nation… haven’t progressed at all since the Civil War… LOL!!

  2. Gail Combs says:

    James Dunn “From Coal Mine Upwards”, W. Green London, 1910

    Over sixty years ago in a small village on the border of the Leicestershire coalfields a company of men met to discuss what was to be done with a poor lad eight years old. The richest farmer in the neighborhood said” “I should like to ask two questions before you decide. The first is, how much learning does it want to drive the plough?” and “How much learning does it need for a lad to work in the coal-pit?” The answer was very little, and to the coal pit at eight years of age I was sent to work. It was in those dismal mines, four hundred yards deep and about a mile underground from the bottom of the shaft, that I commenced to earn my daily bread.”…..

    The man I had to work with showed me how to place a leathern belt around my loins, with a light chain attached about a yard long, which was hooked to the front of the small wagon of coal thus pulling from the front while the man pushed behind…..

    Woman hauling a corf, Royal Commission Report, UK, 1842

    Eventually the women and children “were replaced, in large part by ponies, but there was an immediate consequence. It had been possible to use people to drag tubs along in low coal, but that doesn’t work with ponies. (And in some seams they still remained impractical).”

    “The Miners,” Anthony Burton, Andre Deutsch Ltd 1976

    The ponies had the advantage that they could pull more than one tub at once, and with the restriction on height gone, they were more frequently made of metal. You may notice the lad riding on “the limmers.” That was, strictly speaking, forbidden, though I think we all did it.

    Stolen from Coal mining – the transition to pit ponies

    • Gail Combs says:

      More on pit ponies.

      Pit ponies were used into the 1960s in the USA and supposedly into the 1970s in the UK. but small mines continued using them.

      “Said carlibowers in response: “I worked at Ellington Colliery in Northumberland where until the ’84 strike there were about 50 ponies still working and I always remember the vet saying the ponies here were better cared for than many on the surface!””

      More about Pit Ponies

  3. Gail Combs says:

    Child labor laws were passed in the USA in 1938. The farmer in agriculture however is exempt from nearly all federal and state child labor. Obummer’s attempt to include farm children in labor laws fell through in 2012.

    • Chris Barron says:

      I can’t complain that Obama tried to sort that out.
      Plenty will criticise him for it.
      Not his fault though is it…he isn’t in charge…..when has the president ever been the one in charge ?

      Actor Ronald Reagan was known for being in touch with ordinary people, wasn’t he

      • Gail Combs says:

        Actually the USA does have regulations on youth farm labor:

        Youth under 12 years of age may be employed on small farms outside of school hours in any non-hazardous agricultural job, with parental consent.

        Small farms are defined as those that did not utilize more than 500 “man days” of agricultural labor in any calendar quarter of the preceding calendar year. A “man day” is defined as any day during which an employee performs agricultural work for at least one hour.

        Eleven hazardous farm jobs, as determined by the Secretary of Labor, are prohibited for young workers below the age of 16.

        1. Operating a tractor of over 20 Power Take Off (PTO) horsepower, or connecting or disconnecting an implement or any of its parts to or from such a tractor; *+

        2. Operating or working with a corn picker, cotton picker, grain combine, hay mower, forage harvester, hay baler, potato digger, mobile pea viner, feed grinder, crop dryer, forage blower, auger conveyor, unloading mechanism of a nongravity-type self-unloading wagon or trailer, power post-hole digger, power post driver, or nonwalking-type rotary tiller; *+

        3. Operating or working with a trencher or earthmoving equipment; fork lift; potato combine; or power-driven circular, band or chain saw; *

        4. Working in a yard, pen, or stall occupied by a bull, boar, or stud horse maintained for breeding purposes; a sow with suckling pigs; or a cow with a newborn calf (with umbilical
        cord present); * [At age 5 I was feeding the newborn calves at the neighbors dairy farm.]

        5. Felling, bucking, skidding, loading, or unloading timber with a butt diameter of more than 6 inches; *

        6. Working from a ladder or scaffold at a height of over 20 feet; * 7. Driving a bus, truck, or automobile to transport passengers, or riding on a tractor as a passenger or helper;

        8. Working inside a fruit, forage, or grain storage designed to retain an oxygen-deficient or toxic atmosphere; an upright silo within 2 weeks after silage has been added or when a top unloading device is in operating position; a manure pit; or a horizontal silo while operating a tractor for packing purposes;

        9. Handling or applying toxic agricultural chemicals identified by the word “poison” or “warning,” or identified by a “skull or crossbones” on the label;

        10. Handling or using explosives;

        11. Transporting, transferring, or applying anhydrous ammonia.
        * Limited exemptions are provided for Student-Learners under specified standards

        The prohibition of employment in hazardous occupations does not apply to youths employed on farms owned or operated by their parent(s) or persons standing in place of parent(s).

        Click to access ag_pocket_guide.pdf

        My Ex was driving a tractor at age 5.

        Big Ag wants to make sure small farmers are driven out of business. They are using three methods.
        1. The Food Safety Modernization Act adds tons of paperwork one of the dairy farmers in the UK said the new regs take up 60% of the time. The UK regs and the USA regs are both written by the World Trade Organization.

        2. Removing state property tax breaks on Ag land and increasing the tax burden (Already done in NC) Our taxes went from under $500 to over $3,000.

        3. depriving small farmers of cheap labor.
        If small farmers are driven off their land then 10 Mega-corporations will control over 80% of the food supply. They do not care what the overhead is because they can just pass the costs to the consumer. (They are pretty darn close to this already.)

        The nationwide minimum wage level is $7.25 per hour. IIRC farm labor was about a $1.00 less.

        Adult hispanic day laborers in my area won’t work for less than $10/hour. The industrial farms pay migrant farm workers based how many buckets or bags they pick of whatever crop they harvest—this is known as the “piece rate.” They are exempt from minimum wage since they do not work ” less than 500 ‘man days’ work in any calender quarter. Definition ‘man day’: any day during which an employee performs agricultural work for at least an hour;” A slow worker therefore earns less than the minimum wage. The communists are, of course, now trying to Unionize this last part of the USA.

        Unfortunately the US government has removed the web pages on min wage for Ag:

      • Robertv says:

        Child labor

    • Robertv says:

      Child labor

    • Robertv says:

      Child labor

    • Robertv says:

      Child labor

    • Robertv says:

      Kapitalism took children out of the workforce.

  4. Ted says:

    “I don’t hear any of these whack jobs calling for the US flag to be banned.”

    Now you’ve heard it. At least Farrakhan is a consistent whack job.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    After spending the day dealing with children, many of whom were morbidly obese, many of whom had no muscle development, I wonder if we really did kids a favor by banning them from the work force. Not only have we banned children from the work force, we now pay their mothers to have lots of kids, NOT to get married and NOT to work….

    • gator69 says:

      I am always amazed that I almost never see kids mowing lawns anymore.

      When I was little, my lawn jobs were using hand shears to trim, raking, and taking the wheel barrows full of clippings to the compost pile. I couldn’t wait to be big enough to start pushing the mower. As soon as I was big enough, I had a paper route, and even more lawn duites. Then I started my own lawn and odd job business with a neighbor kid. We did everything from washing windows and cleaning gutters, to organizing garages and clearing out basements. I also landed my church’s grounds maintenance, and detailed cars, all before I could drive. This funded my love for speed that included two Schwinns, and many jobs later two hotrod Buicks that I rebuilt and used to show.

      The only set of wheels I was ever given was my brother’s hand me down no speed Raleigh that I helped rebuild and paint, before I was old enough to push a mower. I will never forget my first ten speed, a Schwinn Continental II that I paid for with my three jobs. I rode that bike everywhere, no moms ferrying me to soccer practice or scouts. My paper route was the largest in the area and it financed my custom paper bike, built to handle the crazy weight of my massive customer base. I could outrun any other biker in town, and go all day long.

      These days I see adults doing all the lawn work, whether it is their own lawns, or somebody else’s. And oddly, most of the bicyclists I see are adults.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Part of the problem Gator was a change in tax codes. It used to be you could hire someone to do the yard work, do the ironing do the spring cleanning… No problem. It was up to the individual to pay the income tax. NOW you are an employer and therefore you have to get the person’s SS#, report all earning and withhold taxes, Medicare, Medicaid and pay the government by the quarter or by the month.

        Who the heck is going to do all that paperwork and mess with the IRS just to get your lawn mowed by the neighbor’s kid? Also you have to have PERMISSION FROM THE SCHOOL (Taxachusetts) to hire a child under 16 years of age. The kid has to have a medical exam…..

        So there goes all the nice small jobs that kids and grannies did. Now you hire a firm who pays minimum wage and charges you triple or more. The same thing happen to consultants twenty years ago. Hubby went from $80/hr or more working solo on technical writting contracts to $10 to 15/hr while the temp service charged the company $100/hour.

        Think back to the 1950s and 1960s. Many middle class people had some type of domestic help at least part time. Now we still pay them but they sit on their arse watch the tube and pop out welfare tokens ERRrrrr children.

        • gator69 says:

          It’s more than the tax code. Kids today are lazy and spoiled, I know this from first hand experience.

        • Robertv says:

          Kids today are made lazy and spoiled. But of course the real world must be boring compared to the video games they play if they could 24/7. But they become excellent brain death drone pilots with a 100% killer instinct.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Yes, the kids today are often lazy and spoiled which is why I mentioned the fact that the Child Labor laws do children no favors. (If you can not work a legit job you are left with prostitution and drug dealer.)

          Of course this was all by plan. Take away the ability to teach industry and self-reliance. Substitute the DEMAND that others support you. It is a great way to undermine a country and it took less than 100 years.

        • Robertv says:

          Like the Minimum Wage.

  6. au1corsair says:

    Take a look at how many students were expelled from American schools for daring to wear the United States flag–the one adopted after Hawaii became a state. Many gated communities ban display of the US flag. There was even an attempted mass murder case that was blamed on a neighbor displaying the American flag, thus causing a legal Lebanese immigrant to grab his gun and shoot up the Los Angeles airport!

    Want to tell me that nobody is banning the “American flag” again?

    Besides, “banning” the “Confederate” flag means a shallow and symbolic act that doesn’t put black Americans to work in high-paying jobs or erase their felony convictions or keep “militarized police” from gunning down “unarmed black children…” Few would recognize the Confederate flag anyway:

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