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Arctic Melt Season Crashing And Burning

Temperatures across the Arctic Ocean have turned very cold for this time of year, and melt has nearly stopped in the Arctic Basin 10-Day Temperature Outlook A storm in the Beaufort Sea is pushing thick ice towards the coasts, and … Continue reading

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The Biggest Fraud In History

Government scientists know perfectly well that global warming isn’t happening. Their best data is from satellites, which show no warming for almost twenty years. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs But there is $29 billion per year being distributed by the … Continue reading


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Huge Increase In Four Year Old Sea Ice Coming Up

The Arctic Basin is full of ice, most of which is thick multi-year ice – and cold temperatures have settled in over the region. In a few weeks, there will be a huge increase in four year old ice, as … Continue reading

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What Is The Real Value Of TOBS?

NOAA makes a large adjustment to the US temperature record based on Time Of Observation Bias. The idea is that most station operators were morons in the 1930’s, and reset their min/max thermometers in the afternoon – causing double counting … Continue reading

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Climate Fraudster James Hansen Wants “A Few More Years”

Hansen claims that his models predicted Antarctic sea ice expansion In this sense, expanding Antarctic sea ice might be anything but good news. Indeed, in the troubling scenario outlined by Hansen and his colleagues, it’s part of a series of feedbacks … Continue reading

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Climate Moron Of The Day

You just can’t make up stupid like this. Nation’s capital sinking into the sea, study says new research from the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Vermont shows that the land in the district — where the Lincoln Memorial … Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Climate Criminal – James Hansen

James Hansen claimed this week that Greenland is melting down and will drown coastal cities. It is July 28, and temperatures in the interior of Greenland are -21C summit:status:webcam Eighty five percent of Greenland’s surface has gained mass over the … Continue reading

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Saving The Planet

I’ve been an environmentalist all my life. I fought for the Clean Air Act and wilderness in the 1970’s. I volunteered as a wilderness ranger two summers in the 1980’s. I ride my bicycle everywhere, and won’t get in a … Continue reading

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Hot Days In The Midwest Occur Half As Often As They Did 100 Years Ago

One of the greatest frauds being pushed by climate criminals is the idea that (imaginary) global warming is making summer temperatures hotter in the US. In fact, the frequency of hot days in the midwest has dropped by more than … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Recovery

There has been a huge increase in the amount of old, thick Arctic sea ice over the last three years. This is due to a change in winter winds, which is now preserving the ice rather than pushing it out … Continue reading

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