Arctic Sea Ice Continues At Highest Extent Since 2005

ScreenHunter_212 Jul. 05 08.30

Arctic sea ice ‘to melt by 2015’ – Telegraph

Climate experts say that Arctic ice is going to disappear this summer, but right now it is the highest extent since 2005

ScreenHunter_211 Jul. 05 07.33

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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29 Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Continues At Highest Extent Since 2005

  1. omanuel says:


    1. This great nation began with the “Declaration of Independence” on 4 July 1776.

    2. It was BETRAYED 169 years later, on 24 Oct 1945, because:

    _ a.) In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln had trusted and appointed a private, self-perpetuating group of distinguished scholars to advise the government on science and technology, without checks and balances – The US National Academy of Sciences.

    _ b.) Forty-nine years later, nations and national academies of sciences were united under the UN on 24 Oct 1945.

    _c.) During the secret, worldwide “Great Social Experiment” that followed (1945-2015), members of the US NAS and their home universities were BRIBED (allowed to benefit individually) by telling Congress how to spend the billions of dollars President Eisenhower would pour into the scientific-military-industrial complex during a frightening, if imaginary Cold War without revealing to the public that their lives and their fates were completely “in the hands” of a FORCE lying politicians and pseudo-scientists could not hide: NEUTRON REPULSION IN THE SUN’s PULSAR CORE

    Click to access Introduction.pdf

    [The Sun’s interior was changed from iron (Fe) to hydrogen (H) in textbooks, and Aston’s valid nuclear packing fraction was replaced with von Weizsacker’s deceptive nuclear binding energy.]

    3. Climategate emails in late Nov 2009 first showed many of us the sad state of government science.

    4. After hearing six years of official excuses for deceptive government science, now – on 4 July 2015 – there is little or no doubt:

    The US National Academy of Sciences Lincoln established in 1863 are now BRIBED with PUBLIC FUNDS TO BETRAY THE PUBLIC.

    That is the 2015 Fourth of July Surprise for those who still believe any of these post-1945 Orwellian Consensus Scientific (UN)Truths

    1. AGW Anthropogenic Global Warming
    2. SNM Standard Nuclear Model
    3. SSM Standard Solar Model
    4. BBC Big Bang Cosmology


    • omanuel says:

      Greek advances in philosophy, democracy and science were all BETRAYED by the decision to unite nations (UN) and national academies of science worldwide into a global “Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths.”

      By refusing to pay back funds to an agency that had none to loan in the first place – UN’s IMF – Greece may be leading the world back to sanity.

  2. Anyone maybe has an idea why the sharp dip and up before the end of June?

  3. The Iconoclast says:

    What’s the deal with that that sharp downward spike and recovery, no way it’s real. Other than that the slope of the line for 2015 is, shall we say, alarmingly less sharp. I’m sure the hockey team will be able to show how an increase in arctic ice is proof of global warming if they need to.

  4. AndyG55 says:

    Now above 2009 for this day of the year.

    • AndyG55 says:

      The really interesting thing is that the slope of the melt is less steep than the previous several years.

      • AZ1971 says:

        Assumed to be a lower slope because of the sea ice volume having been compacted by Arctic winds, which if shifted would spread out the ice. But I’ve noticed that the majority of advances in ice thickness have been eliminated in the past 30 days. It’s not clear that it is the result of shifting winds, of an intrusion of deep ocean thermal expansion, an artifact, or what.

  5. Ernest Bush says:


    If this posts correctly it ia a stunning picture from Amundsen station in Antartica.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      You’ll have to look on the sea ice page at WUWT. It shows stars and whatever the southern aurora is called. The aurora is generating enough light to make the snow and distant buildings visible

  6. Robert Grise says:

    Sea ice, whatever it is, up or down, is just another distraction from what the country needs. What do we need? We need high paying jobs. EVERYTHING ELSE is a distraction. Especially the Confederate flag!

  7. cfgj says:

    Greenland is melting big

    • AndyG55 says:

      GOOD, now maybe in a couple of centuries the Viking descendants will be able to farm it like their great great, great, great,……….. great grandparents did.

      • cfgj says:

        Can you find a link to an explanation of what exactly was farmed by Vikings, where and when?

        • Gail Combs says:

          Vikings grew barley (aka corn)

          ….The Vikings are both famous and notorious for their like of beer and mead, and archaeologists have discussed for years whether Eric the Red (ca. 950-1010) and his followers had to make do without the golden drink when they settled in Greenland around the year 1,000.

          The Greenland climate was mild when they landed, but was it warm enough for growing corn?

          Researchers from the National Museum in Copenhagen say the answer to the question is ‘yes’. In a unique find, they uncovered very small pieces of charred grains of barley in a Viking rubbish heap on Greenland.

          The find is final proof that the first Vikings to live in Greenland did grow barley – the most important ingredient in brewing beer, making a form of porridge or baking bread, traditionally seen as staple foods in the Vikings’ nutritional diet….

          “Archaeologists have always believed that the Vikings tried to cultivate the soil on their farms in fertile southern Greenland,” says Peter Steen Henriksen, who holds an MSc in agriculture. “But this hasn’t been proved until now.”
          Settling in a harsh environment

          Henriksen, an archaeobotanist at the National Museum’s Environmental Archaeology and Archaeometry section (NNU) in Copenhagen, led an expedition to Greenland to study how the Vikings tackled the task of settling in a cold and harsh environment.

          “Now we can see that the Vikings could grow corn, and this was very important for their nourishment and survival,” he says.

          The find also substantiates a well-known text from about 1250, ‘King’s mirror (Konungs skuggsjá)’, which mentions in passing that the Vikings attempted to grow corn on Greenland. It is the only report about cultivating barley that we have from that time.…..

          Remember this is ‘unimproved’ barley before the scientists got a hold of it and shortened the growing season.

          Fabian Two-row Winter Barley

          In the Official Variety Trials it showed high grain yields under intensive growing conditions (104.5%) and medium yields under low input conditions (101.1%). Fabian has the highest cold hardiness of the registered two-row winter barleys and regenerates very well in the spring. Its resistance to powdery mildew is very high (score 8.2 on a 1–9 scale). It has medium plant height, moderate resistance to lodging and large yellow kernel. The spike is long and of medium density….

          … has very good resistance to drought during spring regeneration…..

          And under the catagory of plants don’t LIE like ClimAstrologists do….

          …The LT50 value (lethal temperature at which 50% of samples are killed) of Fabian plants taken from a field in the winter 2013/2014 was –14.2°C (determined by a direct freezing test, Prášil et al. 2007). The plants survived well during the 2009/2010 and 2010/1011 winters even in difficult conditions (Table 4). This property became especially advantageous under the 2011/2012 winter conditions and subsequent dry vegetation period, when the unfavourable weather conditions significantly damaged winter crops in many areas of the Czech Republic.…..

          A history of the Vikings in Greenland:
          The Greenland Vikings

          Selected quotes from- The Last Viking: West by Northwest, by John N. Harris, M.A.(CMNS).

          As the twelfth century ended, the climate reversed. Ice crept southward, all over Europe snow fell lower on the mountain slopes, upland trees died. Pack-ice cluttered the coasts of Greenland, then tightened an Arctic noose to strangle movement.

          Moreover, in describing recent research carried out at an Inuit site on the Burnside River south of the Kent Peninsula, Bryan Gordon of the Museum of Civilization ( Nadlok and the Origin of the Copper Inuit – Climate, Dating and Seasonality ) provides data that suggest the Passage may have become difficult if not impractical by 1450 A.D:

          Nadlok’s carbon-dated floors and levels show a 1450-1750 A.D. occupation in the Little Ice Age, a time of deteriorating climate when ocean temperature fell 1-3 deg. C and the Arctic summer front retreated 4-5 deg. of latitude. Sea ice stayed all year in sheltered Bathurst Inlet and east Coronation Gulf, inevitably disrupting sea-mammals and their hunters, but with little effect on caribou.

          Nevertheless, it likely follows that prior to this time – the ” Viking Age ” between 800 and 1100 CE especially – that a warmer climate prevailed along at least the eastern approaches to the Northwest Passage if not its entirety. Indeed, as Charles W. Moore notes ( Did 14th Century Scandinavian Explorers Visit Midwestern North America? ):

          For the first century or so of their Greenland colonization, the Vikings and their descendants enjoyed a reasonably prosperous and pleasant life there. Greenland’s climate c. 1000 A.D. was in an extraordinarily warm phase, and the name Eric chose for his new land may not have been quite the real-estate promoter’s con-job as has been assumed. Even 350 years later, after a general global cooling had altered Greenland’s climate for the worse, Ivar Bardson wrote that ” On the mountains and lower down grow the best of fruits, as big as apples and good to eat. There also grows the best wheat that exists.” Life in Greenland was hardly the rough outpost existence we might expect….

          However by 1200, climatic change allowed the arctic ice pack to creep farther southward, making navigation in Greenland waters increasingly hazardous — even in summer. Ships came now only sporadically, and some years none called at all. In 1261, the Greenlanders felt obliged to accept union with Norway and subjection to the Norwegian crown, in return for which two ships would be sent per year. This effectively shut the Hansa markets off from Greenland trade, and sometimes even the promised Norwegian vessels didn’t make it through the ice. The colonies’ decline accelerated….

        • AndyG55 says:

          Thanks Gail, you have way more patience than I.

          I’ve giving up trying to educate this ignorant juvenile twerp.

        • AndyG55 says:

          and cfnt, can you do your own darn research in future, dolt.

          I’m not here to spoon feed you. !

        • Cue the “But that’s just a tiny percentage of the Earth’s surface” nausea.

          Cfgj has apparently not seen the references to receding glaciers uncovering evidence of human civilization that had lain underneath them in Greenland.

          Perhaps he thinks all of this was stuffed underneath the glaciers by the Koch brothers or their independent contractors, in exchange for a modest check??

        • By the way, that chart seems to be saying that about 50% of Greenland is now ice-free. Does this artful dodger actually expect us to believe that? Or is it just for those who are inclined to believe anything because it’s presented in a pretty graph?

    • Paul Clark says:

      That’s how CO2 works: from 1950 a steady CO2-induced warming that mostly AWOL, until, mid-2015, a sudden spike that melts us to climageddon. Or maybe it’s just weather, like a high pressure system over Greenland:

  8. Gail Combs says:

    AndyG55 says: “Thanks Gail, you have way more patience than I.

    I’ve giving up trying to educate this ignorant juvenile twerp.”

    The CAGW infected are either completely closed of mind*** or actively lying in the hope that they can become one of the top predators sucking the life blood out of those who actually produce.

    I write for the fence sitters or those who need ammo to refute the ‘claims’ of the predatory class who want to reduce us all back to slavery and the Dark Ages.

    **** The soviets called them useful idiots.

  9. cfgj says:

    I did some research and found out that barley was back in Greenland already 9 years ago thanks to the rising temperatures:

  10. Gail Combs says:

    From that article: The barley is back. Kenneth Hoeth has been growing it, but only as an experiment. and that was in 2006. The temperature has been dropping since then

    And there has also been a sharp drop in North Atlantic sea surface temperatures since 2003.

    So Kenneth Hoeth managed to catch a warm spike. I caught the same one and had rosemary and PawPaw growing north of Boston MA. Then it got colder again and my experimental plants died.

    When the WORLD BANK lists barley for Greenland give me a call….

    ….Cereal yield (kg per hectare)
    Cereal yield, measured as kilograms per hectare of harvested land, includes wheat, rice, maize, barley, oats, rye, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, and mixed grains. …..

    Country……. 2010 …2011… 2012…. 2013
    Georgia…… 1,271…. 2,201…. 2,180…. 2,206
    Germany ….6,718… 6,458…. 6,965…. 7,318
    Ghana…….. 1,814… 1,594… 1,768…. 1,689
    Greece……. 4,632… 4,845…. 4,329…. 4,481
    Greenland…. —- …… —- …… —- …… —-
    Grenada… 861… 1,032… 1,029… 1,000
    Guam…… 2,333… 2,421… 2,500… 2,500
    Maldives…. 2,264…. 2,507… 2,609…. 2,639

  11. 4TimesAYear says:

    Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog.

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