1935 India Heatwave Made Roofs Catch On Fire

Climate experts are peddling their snake oil in India this month, claiming that a heatwave there is caused by global warming. As always, they are taking ordinary events and trying to scare people into buying their completely worthless product.

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08 Jun 1935 – HEAT WAVE Extremes in India RECORD OF 124 DEGREE…

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15 Responses to 1935 India Heatwave Made Roofs Catch On Fire

  1. omanuel says:

    All they have left is snake oil, Steven aka Tony, after you confronted each new scare with factual information.

    Arrogance, stupidity and FEAR of anything more powerful than world leaders persuaded them to forbid public knowledge of the source of energy in the giant fountain Copernicus reported at the center of the solar system in 1543:

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

  2. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    That year 1935 pops up again and in particular the decade of the 1930’s, where historical accounts and data relating to heat events, read more extreme than any other point in recent climate history.

  3. gator69 says:

    I used to think it would interesting to visit India, but after doing my research years ago I decided to add it to a (growing) list of countries that I never wish to see. What an awful place.

  4. emsnews says:

    As the planet cools down, the warmists are howling with rage. Today the Washington Post eliminated the entire Little Ice Age and claims it was ‘local weather’ confined only to part of Europe.

    These vandals are rapidly destroying all the history of climate that was so painfully built up over the previous 100 years and this includes all of my grandfather’s work with Dr. Hubble on sun spot activity and the climate.

  5. Bob Weber says:

    ems, I’d love to know the details of your father’s work – sounds fascinating.

    June 1935 was the first month of the modern maximum in solar activity, that lasted for 70 years until 2004.5, a period when the v2 SSNs averaged 108.5, versus the previous 70 years, 1865.5-1935.5, when the sunspot average was 65.7, a 70 year 65% increase in sunspot activity.

    The previous 51 months to June 1935 averaged only 19.8 in SSNs. May 1935 averaged 45.4, and June 1935 was at 76.2.

    In this case wrt India, that spike from the Sun caused those record temperatures in 1935.

    Recent heat in the US, Europe, and China was caused by high pressure systems that didn’t move much because of low solar activity. The areas under those high pressure domes literally baked from direct sunlight and adiabatic descent, and they don’t move when the sun’s power is low, such as the last few months. I have seen the US weather maps stay static for many weeks now in terms of pressure systems and fronts, with very little frontal movement. Of course daily solar warmups have caused great uplift in the summer and that energy and moisture clash with cold northern air and have created many deluges and wild weather along the way.

    • Bob Weber says:

      oops ems I meant your grandfather…

    • Dmh says:

      Interesting how you comment,
      “June 1935 was the first month of the modern maximum in solar activity, that lasted for 70 years until 2004.5,a period when the v2 SSNs averaged 108.5, versus the previous 70 years, 1865.5-1935.5 ..”

      matches the data for aa-index very closely,

      The trimester average was below 20 nT up to cycle C16, then it quickly increased in cycle C17 and remained stable above 20 nT up to the middle last cycle, C23.
      But, don’t tell this to NASA and NOAA (and possibly L. Svaalgaard too), they think the Sun and the climate are totally disconnected! šŸ™‚

    • Dmh says:

      Looks like the new SILSO count for SSN is trying really hard to eliminate the solar max of the XX century,

      and comments here,

      How can we understand anything of Nature, if we don’t even know how to formulate our questions?
      We know that the Maunder minimum was colder than now and the Dalton minimum was similarly cold, in direct correlation with solar activity.
      Now we’re about to have a modern, direct experience of a solar minimum, after an obvious extended solar maximum,

      and instead of looking at the phenomenon we change the rules and say that “nothing is happening”?

  6. emsnews says:

    My father is one of the founders of Kitt Peak and he pushed for the first solar observatory as well as participating in the NASA space programs since inception.

    I grew up in all this. The solar observatory was built right next to Turtle Rock, a rock formation we kids used to play on at the top of Kitt Peak.

    My mother and grandmother were also astronomers, too as well as my father and grandfather. They all worked VERY hard on matching up sun spot energy with bigger (100 year+) weather patterns.

    It is painfully obvious that an active sun means warmer weather and lord help us if the sun goes as inactive as it evidently does every 10-100,000 Years.

    By the way, my father’s last paper, ‘The Sun Is A VARIABLE Star’ was censored by the big science publications so he burned it. To my great annoyance, by the way.

    • Bob Weber says:

      We’ll just have to put our heads together and see what can come up with ems. It’s a shame he was censored. I’ve been struggling with the idea of attempting to publish in the present socio-political environment, considering I’ve never done it. All my work is exactly along the same lines as your father.

      Absolutely, the Sun is a VARIABLE star, and it does control the weather and climate, as I have also found, and as so many others are aware. Today we have tremendous data resources, and the probably the biggest problem is knowing if we can trust the data!

      Thank you Elaine.

      • omanuel says:

        Thank you, Bob Weber. Big Brother will fail to hide the Creator, Destroyer & Sustainer” of every atom, life and planet in the solar system, but perhaps not before destroying the record of solar activity linked to Earth’s climate.

  7. emsnews says:

    Oh, names: Dr. Aden Meinel, Edison Pettit, and my name, Elaine Meinel Supkis.

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