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Obama Is The 44th President To Experience Alaskan Glacier Melting

President Obama is travelling to Alaska to blame glacial melt and rising temperatures on global warming. This is his usual fraud, as Alaskan glaciers have been melting under every single president going back to George Washington. During George Washington’s presidency, … Continue reading

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More Mind-Blowing Sea Level Fraud From The University Of Colorado And NASA

Sea level rapidly rising in the western pacific due to global warming: NASA Aug 30, 2015 Sea level is not rising at all in the Eastern Pacific According to recent revelations made by NASA scientists, the consequences of the global … Continue reading

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1972 – Walter Cronkite Warned Of A New Ice Age

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A 2009 Reminder That Climate Alarmists Are Complete Nutcases

‘Earth 2100’: the Final Century of Civilization? May 29, 2009 By ALEXA DANNER It’s an idea that most of us would rather not face — that within the next century, life as we know it could come to an end. … Continue reading

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More Spectacular Climate BS From Jerry Meehl At NCAR

     The atmosphere contains about 20,000 PPM greenhouse gases. The increase of 100 PPM CO2 over the past century, represents a 0.5%increase in total greenhouse gases. The graph below shows the frightening reality. Nothing is happening to the climate system. … Continue reading

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Why The US Must Never Let CO2 Levels Drop Again

Climate experts say that CO2 controls extreme weather. Just for fun, let’s pretend they are correct. US major hurricanes peaked below 320 PPM CO2, and have diminished greatly as CO2 has increased. If the climate experts are correct, it is our … Continue reading

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Obama Travels To Alaska To Warn Them About Global Warming

Obama is taking his final summer vacation in Alaska, to warn them about global warming.

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