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42 Responses to Climate Clown Of The Day

  1. how soon will it be till it turns into water world? 560000 years ?

  2. omanuel says:


    As reported today in comments on the end of WWII in Japan Times,

    For seventy years (1945-2015) truth about the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms in the solar system has been hidden from the public.

  3. gator69 says:

    Roger that Skippy! But first we need to stop that pesky daily sunrise. Stay tuned!

  4. AndyG55 says:

    A veritable King Cnut (I think I spelt that wrongly). !

  5. AndyG55 says:

    This Homick guy is a titles lawyer or something.. wonder they invented the expression…”the law is an ass”

  6. Rosco says:

    Surely this must rank as one of the stupidest ever – not just the day.

  7. “Let me know when it reverses”

    I won’t have to. There will be a mile of ice over his head.

  8. Kathleen says:

    “…during human habitation of our planet”? Aahhhh, if only there were none of that. Off all the people so Earth can be Earth? Good grief.

  9. Jason Calley says:

    Mr. Homick is a perfect example of so very many warmists. He is obviously so poorly informed about climate that he cannot even understand the significance of the sea level chart — and yet he has the certainty of a four year old looking out the window to spy Father Christmas.

  10. rah says:

    What was it that self proclaimed astronomer that came to this site last week and spread her oh so positive and insightful outlooks on other people said? Oh yea. “The stupid, it burns”.

    BTW my day yesterday started in McDonough, GA just south of Atlanta yesterday and the temp got up to 100 deg. F there . By 01:00 tomorrow I should in Ontario headed for Bolton. Hopefully the last load of the week.

    • Move to the Adirondacks. It’s 69 degrees now, going to 60 tonight.

      • rah says:

        I live in central Indiana but drive plenty of other places. This week It was Depart Anderson, IN Monday to McDonough, GA to Stone Mountain, GA and then Return to Anderson 06:00 Wednesday morning. Then depart Anderson 20:00 Wed night to Bolton, ON to Etobicoke, ON to Vandalia, OH and return to Anderson at 05:30 Friday.

        Darn near needed a jacket when I arrived at Bolton at 05:30 it was 52 deg. F.

        And on the way to Bolton I was pulled into a Canadian DOT inspection station and my paper work and log book was given a very thorough going over by what was obviously a new officer that was very officious and really really wanted to find something wrong. On my rig all he checked were the lights, the airlines, and the slack adjusters on the trailer brakes. I must say though that I was not sorry to disappoint the young man when he found nothing wrong and had to let me go on my way. He was quite disappointed with he asked to see any receipts I had and I had none to give him. I had fueled at the terminal and other than passing customs at the boarder had not stopped. So how could I have bought anything? I guess he figured I was as stupid as Mr. Homick.

  11. Chewer says:

    Egad, Another lawyer…

    Different Degrees of Education in the 114th Congress
    • 20 members of the House have no educational degree beyond a high school diploma;
    • 8 members of the House have associate’s degrees as their highest degrees.
    • 82 members of the House and 16 Senators earned a master’s degree as their highest attained degrees.
    • 159 members of the House (36 percent of the House) and 54 Senators (54 percent of the Senate) hold law degrees.
    • 22 members of the House and 3 Senators have medical degrees.

    • Olaf Koenders says:

      That’s nothing new. I heard that lawyers are just frustrated actors, so it’s no wonder they want to parade around the Senate looking important, achieving nothing significantly greater than zero, and paid big bucks for it.

  12. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    To have a genuine loud outburst of laughter in the all-too-often climate grind.
    This wins for me so far this year!

    Good one!

    But sadly this is the level of religious belief invoked by the eco-brainwashed, that mankind can actually reverse sea level rise, going on for 20,000 years and change the climate, that’s been changing for 4.5 billion years.

    Amazing stuff.

  13. inMAGICn says:

    I beg you, Mr. Homick; please convince us that you cannot be that stupid.

  14. AndrewS says:

    maybe he didn’t see the top of the graph where it basically levels out to 19th – 21st C. levels. Then again perhaps he did? which makes it all the more stupid.

  15. talldave2 says:

    I’m doing my part! (lifts a beer)

  16. Marsh says:

    Climate Clown or Pied Piper ; it’s all about grooming people & leading others to their ideology.
    Climate Change, Global Warming & Sea Level claims have all the trappings & tricks of a Three Ring Circus. The biggest problem is the AGW illusion and the price of the tickets!

  17. sabretoothed says:

    Obama said in his speech that his Grandkids won’t be able to swim in Hawaii, he does know that Hawaii big island is 4200m high approx?

  18. markstoval says:

    “let me know when it changes directions”

    That would be well after the next glacification has started. In common language it would be called the next “ice age”.

    By the way, if we use the words scientifically (I know that is hard for lawyers) we are in an ice age now and in a interglacial period in the ice age. We call the present interglacial by the name Holocene interglacial.

  19. emsnews says:

    Yes, they want to cool down LA with another Ice Age.

  20. rachase says:

    Where is Moses when you really need him?

  21. There’s a green fog swirling,
    Getting thicker by the day,
    We need a return to sanity
    To blow the fog away!

    • omanuel says:


      I am concerned for the well being of Steve aka Tony.

      He has been the most effective spokesman in identifying NOAA and other federal research agencies as the source of fraudulent temperature data.

  22. bit chilly says:

    mr homick is a perfect candidate for that famous retort ” i wont insult your intelligence by suggesting you really believe what you just said”

  23. Snowleopard says:

    Are they actually stupid? Perhaps some are.

    I’m not sure that many are any more stupid than those who said about an accused witch “If she’s guilty she’ll float and it’s off to the gallows (or the fire) with her, but if she’s innocent she’ll sink (drown) and be with God!”

    Likewise “All you evil folks need to reduce your carbon use until the seas stop rising (or until you freeze or starve to death)” Of course Democrats may apply for an indulgence likely granted to true believers, the connected and those who donate enough. But if the seas DO stop rising, there will be some excuse ready so as not to interrupt killing off the “surplus population” errr I meant evil ones..

  24. AndyG55 says:

    SG, Here’s a good one for you..

    Weakened Solar activity could speed up Greenland ice melt !

    Make of it what you will 🙂

    • bit chilly says:

      it apparently has not started working to that effect looking at the gis mass balance charts provided by tony on this blog,but i am sure it will start melting rapidly any time now ;). i am not the sharpest tool in the box, but even i can see they may have some problems with that hypothesis just by reading that page you link to 🙂

  25. Mark Lokowich says:

    Here’s a runner-up for my “deleted email” Al Franken – U.S. Senator, Minnesota (Big, Fat , Climate Clown)

    Dear Mark,

    I want to take a few minutes to blast away a few myths about climate change.

    Myth One: Climate change is a matter of opinion. It’s not.

    According to NASA, 97% of “actively publishing climate scientists” agree (and no, 97% is not a typo) that our climate is warming, and that human activity is contributing to it.

    When that many experts agree, there is no denying it anymore.

    Myth Two: Climate change isn’t hurting us. Oh boy, is that wrong.

    In 2012 alone, climate change contributed to the worst drought conditions the U.S. has seen in decades, costing our economy $30 billion. Combined severe weather threats cost us another $11.1 billion. Western wildfires, the worst some states have ever seen, cost another $1 billion.

    Myth Three: There’s nothing we can do about it.

    Truth is, there’s a LOT we can do about it. The President just released a plan — the Clean Power Plan — that outlines a plan of bold action, including reducing carbon emissions, investing in clean energy technology, and cutting energy waste across the country.

    There’s something you can do right now to help us combat climate change: Click here and sign the petition supporting the President’s Clean Power Plan.

    There are still climate deniers in Congress. But while they’re spending their days denying what’s right in front of their noses, millions of Americans are busy dealing with the negative effects of climate change.

    So you signing this petition is really important. This Republican-controlled Congress isn’t going to act on climate change because I say so. They’re not going to act because the President says so. They will only act if an overwhelming number of American people, just like you, pressure them to.

    So take a moment. Sign the petition and let congressional climate deniers know that you support the Clean Power Plan.

    And thank you for standing with me in support of action.


    Paid for and authorized by Al Franken for Senate

    P.O. Box 583144 | Minneapolis, MN 55458-3144

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