Problematic Adjustments And Divergences (Now Includes June Data)

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Professor Robert Brown of Duke University and Werner Brozek, Edited by Just The Facts:

CO2 versus adjustmentsImage Credit: Steven Goddard

As can be seen from the graphic above, there is a strong correlation between carbon dioxide increases and adjustments to the United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) temperature record. And these adjustments to the surface data in turn result in large divergences between surface data sets and satellite data sets.

In the post with April data, the following questions were asked in the conclusion: “Why are the new satellite and ground data sets going in opposite directions? Is there any reason that you can think of where both could simultaneously be correct?”
Professor Robert Brown of Duke University had an excellent response the this question here.
To give it the exposure it deserves, his comment is reposted in full below. His response ends with rgb.

Rgbatduke June 10, 2015…

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18 Responses to Problematic Adjustments And Divergences (Now Includes June Data)

  1. Latitude says:

    That’s something I will never understand….it’s like to have to torture them to get them to give you any credit….maybe that’s changing a little…..I hope

  2. Chewer says:

    Wait a minute, I thought the debate was over 😉
    Meanwhile back at the ranch, -107 means no mosquito repellant will be needed today.

    • philjourdan says:

      I wonder when the SyFy station is going to come up with the movie “Ice Skeeters!” 😉

    • rah says:

      Well there will be a balmy high of -91 there it says! Break out the flip flops and shorts and get the grill fired up! One needs to ask the alarmists when they will be moving there as climate refugees?

      Think I’ll just stick around in my hell hole here in Central Indiana with a few showers this morning and a high of 69 deg. F (“real feel 82) and low of 66 forecast for tonight, and listen to the birds, tree frogs, and cicada sing their songs as I wait to see if my grass will dry enough to mow before it’s time to get to grilling.

      Excellent tomatoes and cucumbers coming out of my neighbors garden will be ready to go into the salad of hand torn spring mix and baby spinach with black olive slices and artichoke hearts we’ll be having with USDA Prime bone in Rib eyes off the grill and baked Golden Potatoes for dinner later with my daughter and her family.

      How I dread the coming winter!

      • Menicholas says:

        I am looking forward to a break from the heat, down here in Ft Myers.
        Been a very hot summer.
        Exactly like always.

        • rah says:

          Well you’ll be recompensed for the heat with nice weather this winter I’m sure. And I’ll be going where the snow flies. My parents had a nice place in Port Charlot when they were snow birds so I’m pretty familiar with your area since we ran down to Ft. Meyers at times. That ended a couple years ago when their health deteriorated to the point where they could no longer snow bird. Went over for a family gathering at my parents house to celebrate my Mom’s 80th birthday last night and my 60th and my daughters 40th were also part of the reason for the party. One of my greatest blessings is having a close family.

      • Don says:

        “Excellent tomatoes and cucumbers coming out of my neighbors garden …”

        Does your neighbor know you’ve got his tomatoes and cucumbers? LOL

        • rah says:

          They are like Gail’s Zuchinni fairies. I open the back door to go out on the deck and there they were sitting on the wooden bench by the door. I help them a little to prepare the garden during the spring spreading and mixing in donkey dung and then have supplied them with grass cuttings during the summer that they lay down between the rows.

        • philjourdan says:

          Regional Joke: Why do Ohioans lock their cars in the summer? So they do not find a back seat full of Zucchini when they get back to it!

  3. omanuel says:

    I am grateful to Professor Robert Brown, Werner Brozek and Anthony Watts for confirming the “cutting edge” investigative reports by Steven.

    • omanuel says:

      Thanks to unity among climate skeptics, we may be able to move forward and repair damages to these related fields of study after WWII:

      1. Astronomy
      2. Astrophysics
      3. Climatology
      4. Cosmology
      5. Nuclear physics
      6. Particle physics
      7. Planetary physics
      8. Solar physics and
      9. Theoretical physics

    • BitCoinDaddy says:

      Thanks omanuel. I a looking for data to support Stephan Goddards work. Friends of mine are referring to a wiki about Stephen that has the air or ire of saying, Only those who are ordained can be smart enough to do real science and Goddard isn’t an ordained priest.” My conundrum is how to refute the accusations. I’m not ordained either.

  4. Rosco says:

    You do realise Robert Brown was the champion of the Steel Greenhouse effect ?

    You know the one where introducing close fitting “shells” around a sphere with internal energy capable of maintaining it initially at minus 18 C will cause it to heat to 30 C with one “shell” added.

    Each new “shell” causes further heating of the sphere. Add enough and you can melt the internal sphere.

    He even claims to have proven this effect mathematically – I have the email.

    Sorry, but I treat anything this guys says as questionable, at best !

    • Tom Moran says:

      I like to think wacky hypothesis and theory is way better than splicing tree ring samples to thermometer data when the two sets diverge. I like my science crazy, not fraudulent.

  5. BitCoinDaddy says:

    Stephen, I am getting some people who are questioning the value of your posts by linking to Can you point me out something there or give something to add weight to the value of the data you are able to post and analyze. Help me please.

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