Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Jason Box

Jason Box of Denmark is today’s featured climate fraudster, as he is one of the principals pushing the Greenland melting scam. Jason claims that 2015 was a big melt summer in Greenland

ScreenHunter_2703 Aug. 15 05.25

Climate models also don’t yet sufficiently resolve extended periods of lazy north-south extended jet streams that produce the kind of sunny summers over Greenland (2007-2012 and 2015) that resulted in melting that our models didn’t foresee happening until 2100.

Earth’s Ice Is Melting Much Faster Than Forecast. Here’s Why That’s Worrying. | Jason E. Box

Ninety percent of Greenland’s surface gained mass over the past year

ScreenHunter_2704 Aug. 15 05.30

Melt rates were below normal for three-quarters of the melt season

ScreenHunter_2705 Aug. 15 05.31

The melt season was very short, and ended very early. Greenland’s surface gained 200 billion tons of ice.

ScreenHunter_2706 Aug. 15 05.33

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Scientists in the interior of Greenland are buried in snow and ice.

ScreenHunter_2707 Aug. 15 05.36


Temperatures in the interior of Greenland never got anywhere near the melting point this summer.

ScreenHunter_2708 Aug. 15 05.37


Greenland did have a warm period ten years ago – but temperatures have been plummeting ever since.

ScreenHunter_10079 Aug. 15 07.03

Jason’s claim that 2015 was a big melt summer in Greenland is utter garbage. Just one more climate fraudster who tells the left wing press what they want to hear.

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5 Responses to Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Jason Box

  1. Marvin L. Zinn says:

    No surprise. This entire global fear is to sell things to prevent what would not even occur, just as it was with “Ice age is coming”. There is some benefit, however, when products can become more efficient. Like all other advertisements, lying is good for sales.

  2. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven aka Tony, for confronting fraud disguised as 97%-consensus science!”

  3. gator69 says:

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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