Dimwitted Congressman Of The Day – Eric Swalwell

This genius from the East Bay in California has determined that the climate is changing, based on a single temperature.

ScreenHunter_10109 Aug. 17 11.46

California was 25 degrees hotter in 1913.

ScreenHunter_10110 Aug. 17 11.53


The frequency of 100 degree days in the US has plummeted over the past century.

ScreenHunter_10111 Aug. 17 11.56

There has been no change in the number of 100 degree days in the East Bay. Livermore had twenty five 100 degree days in 1950, and only five this year.

ScreenHunter_10113 Aug. 17 12.05

Scientific illiterates like Eric Swalwell making policy decisions, are a threat to us all.


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37 Responses to Dimwitted Congressman Of The Day – Eric Swalwell

  1. Kathleen says:

    Holy cow. That was hot. What was it in Death Valley, not that it would follow that it was hotter there…?

  2. Are we sure that was not a Washington, DC temp? Just asking? Of course, no matter where he is presently, your data seems to be irrefutable for CA. Thanks, I just wish we could help more.

  3. omanuel says:

    Poor Eric Swalwell is not to blame.

    Capitalists and communists apparently joined forces after Stalin emerged victorious from WWII to unite nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) on 24 Oct 1945 into a worldwide “Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths,” chanting “BETTER RED THAN DEAD!”


    This conclusion, based on precise experimental data from the Nuclear & Space Ages, offers all serious scholars an opportunity to openly debate, verify or dispute evidence the Sun’s pulsar core was purposefully hidden from the public with:

    AFTER 24 OCT 1945

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

  4. Windsong says:

    Hmmm, a thermometer in a very hot car reading the air temperature above very hot concrete on a very hot day. The ultimate UHI (Unimportant Heat Island).

  5. Stevenkross says:

    Maybe he should drive over to San Fran for sanctuary. Today’s high forecast is 76

  6. inMAGICn says:

    Greenland Ranch, to be fair, was an old name for Furnace Creek in Death Valley, as I recall. When I surveyed there, 106F was referred to as a “cold snap.” ‘Scuse if I’m incorrect

    • rah says:

      Thanks for that! I figured Greenland Ranch was in Death Valley since that is where the highest temp in N. America was recorded. But I just couldn’t find it on a current map and was too lazy to start researching.

  7. beowulftoo says:

    40 years ago, when metro wasn’t much more than a little ditch, I surveyed in Washington DC. During the summer the temps were high. We had to make adjustments to the 100 foot chain of several inches. The chain was hotter than 100F (probably due to street asphalt pavement.)

  8. gator69 says:

    His car also says he has driven it over 140,000 miles. I wonder how often it tells him to ride his bike?

    • bleakhouses says:

      He posted that image to show that he has a car with that mileage so that he has cred for not driving a new Mercedes or Audi.

    • Ted says:

      I have roughly that many miles on one of my bikes. I average about 15,000 a year. People complain to me about how my 1966 Dodge van is destroying the planet. But it only gets driven a few hundred miles a year, and I don’t have another car. I’ve never been able to convince them that an existing vehicle getting 18 mpg is enormously more efficient than any new car could possibly be, for the amount I drive. They have no concept at all of the amount of energy that goes in to making a new car. The manufacturing process of a modern car requires roughly the same amount of energy as is contained in all the gas you’ll ever put in it. But somehow, we’re going to save the planet by throwing away old cars, and replacing them with new ones.

      That’s the great thing about being a modern environmentalist. Math is not required. It seems to be frowned upon.

  9. gofer says:

    Obama targets Republican states with unscientific emission reductions:


  10. Mike D says:

    It is comical that non-politicians are criticized for running for office, when there is no evidence politicians are any good at their jobs.

  11. It’s a talking car …

  12. … for slow swalwells …

  13. JPinBalt says:

    Likely Congressman Eric Swalwell was not in Maryland since not over 100°F yesterday, but still was not 109°F in his home District 15 in California. Guess faking outside temperature data at 109°F, abet could come down to localized greenhouse effect, heat in/on his car likely in sitting in some ozone polluted urban sprawl heat Island in CA, definitely anthropomorphic or typical Mann made. “Most cars have the ambient temperature sensor mounted in front of the radiator, between the radiator and the front bumper” for outside temperature, maybe get Galvin at GISS to do an “adjustment,” but of course that would likely be upward since according to theory the radiator cools, forget “scientific method” or things like RSS satellite record showing decades of flat temps and natural variations going back centuries and no correlation of temperature and trace gases like CO2. CA is make believe land, some movie about AGW is the scientific evidence swaying public opinion, yet follow the federal dollars …

    Mr. Swalwell sits “on the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, where he addresses climate change and advocates for renewable energy.” Lets see, left liberal from CA, on local city council prior. Save the earth from AGW is really an excuse to support appropriations of huge dollars bring home the local bacon subsidies going to wasteful local renewable green energy companies. Lest see, Solyndra is in Fremont, California which is in the Congressional District 15 which Mr. Eric Swalwell represents, guess just a coincidence. Next doo not too far away, Tesla is in Palo Alto, California, Congressional District 18, green cars meaning I think federal subsidies and tax credits of maybe $10-15,000 per car sold. It pays to think green, Elon Musk told me so.

    • Mike D says:

      That’s a good point. This summer, my car showed “115” though the day was only going to get to about 108. I don’t think I was driving in that part of the day though. What happened is it had been sitting in the sun for hours and started at 109. Then instead of dropping, increased to 110. As it kept increasing, I slowed down because I wasn’t sure if I had cooling system issues.

      After stopping when it hit 115 to check for low coolant, I then felt ok to drive faster, and the temperature dropped. I think the fan had been blowing hard and lots of warm air was getting to the thermometer somehow. I took pictures of the temperature to show to friends, but it was never that hot outside.

      • An Inquirer says:

        My car thermometer often reads 6 to 9 degrees warm when the temperature gets above 90. It reads 3 to 6 degrees warm in the winter.

        • AndyG55 says:

          I guess it couldn’t be anything to do with the fact that the roads are black tar. !
          Afterall, urban heat doesn’t affect thermometers, according to NOAA.

    • rah says:

      On a lot of vehicles the temp is inaccurate and reads high when the vehicle is sitting still and has been running. That is the way it works on the big trucks, both Volvo and Freightliner that I’ve drive and my pick up. But my Toyota FJ seems to be accurate even when idling.

      • JPinBalt says:

        Maybe it is not the inaccuracies of the outside temp gauge on Swalwell’s car overestimating at 109°F, but rather the unused solar panels at bankrupt Solyndra in his district reflecting LWR on it, or at least heated up thinking of all the green money which could be cashed in on going to his district.

  14. nutso fasst says:

    Livermore’s weather record dates back to 1903, when extreme high temp was108°F. It was 113 in 1905 and the all-time record was 115 in 1950.

    2015 June-July average high was a mild 88° compared to 92+ in 1918 and 1981.

    Grant this though: For some reason, nighttime temperatures from March through May have been anomalously warm from 1978 on. Swalwell should have noted that the lowest temperature this last March only dropped to a blazing 36°F, and there hasn’t been a March freeze since 2009.

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