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The Jakobshavn Climate Scam

Check out this mindless BS from the usual Arctic hysterics, about a “record glacial retreat” Jakobshavn record retreat – Arctic Sea Ice This is a glacier which retreated one meter per day from 1851 to 1883 The terminus of the glacier is … Continue reading

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Another Very Cool Summer In The US

Contrary to the lies of the criminals at NASA and NOAA, US summer afternoons are getting cooler. The percentage of days over 100 degrees has plummeted since the 1930’s The area of the country reaching 100 degrees sometime during the summer has … Continue reading

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58% Increase In Arctic Multi-Year Ice Over The Last Three Years

Over the last three years, the amount of old, thick multi-year ice in the Arctic has increased by 58%. The oldest/thickest five year old ice has increased by 147%. The area of four year old ice will nearly double in next month, … Continue reading

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