Climate Scientists Simply Can’t Stop Lying

Check out this mind-blowing fraud in the New York Times


California Drought Is Made Worse by Global Warming, Scientists Say


Global warming caused by human emissions has most likely intensified the drought in California by 15 to 20 percent, scientists said on Thursday, warning that future dry spells in the state are almost certain to be worse than this one as the world continues to heat up.

Even though the findings suggest that the drought is primarily a consequence of natural climate variability, the scientists added that the likelihood of any drought becoming acute is rising because of climate change. The odds of California suffering droughts at the far end of the scale, like the current one that began in 2012, have roughly doubled over the past century, they said.

California Drought Is Made Worse by Global Warming, Scientists Say – The New York Times

100% pure unadulterated scientific fraud. Look what the New York Times published in 1992. Scientists know perfectly well that past droughts were much worse, and that the past century has been unusually wet.

December 1, 1992

tree rings clearly declare that in the Western United States, the years 1937 through 1986 have been abnormally wet compared with past centuries — and these are the years of the greatest immigration to the supposedly golden coastal states.

Should an extended and profound drought similar to those that frequently arise in the tree-ring record again strike the West, they said, the blooming Central Valley of California, a food basket to the nation and already the region’s most rapacious consumer of scarce water resources, could become completely unsustainable.

In Unexpected Places, Clues to Ancient and Future Climate – Warming? Tree Rings Say Not Yet –

And again in 1994.

ScreenHunter_1379 Jan. 08 22.32

Severe Ancient Droughts: A Warning to California – New York Times

These “scientists” are hard core criminals who deliberately conclude the exact opposite of what the data says.

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19 Responses to Climate Scientists Simply Can’t Stop Lying

  1. omanuel says:

    If climate scientists stop lying to the public, Steven aka Tony, it will be because you had the courage to confront them.

  2. TomE says:

    The climate scientists are just minor felons, the real criminals live in Sacramento which has done nothing to increase water storage in the state and the enviros who sue to waste water by requiring stored water to be drained into the ocean for a bait fish.

  3. Crashx says:

    California’s water issues could be solved with a small nuke generator running a large reverse osmosis desalination facility.

    No political will to solve the problems. Only the political will to complain about it.

  4. wizzum says:

    I come from Australia, believe me when I say, you have sooooo much f-ing water on this continent. Why do you want to grow stuff in the driest part?

    • The sun. Stuff grows better in the sun. Have you ever drank NY wine? Yech.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      The reason is very simple. In Yuma County, AZ, and Imperial County, CA, abundant water is available from the Colorado River for irrigation. There is also the Gila and Salt Rivers available elsewhere in Arizona. The soil has most of the minerals needed for crop production. Just add fertilizer created for that soil and and water and stand back.

      The climate is so mild you can grow three to four crops a year. Nearly all the winter greens and vegetables in the U.S. come from this region. If you followed the right crop rotation, according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, you can be certified to grow wheat to be used to feed a huge cattle feedlot industry. If not, some grow Johnson Grass for hay or plant short grass and feed sheep on it. Then you can do summer crops of cotton, melons, grapes, corn, and tomatoes, especially Roma tomatoes which are heat tolerant. Greenhouse tomato operations are being set up more and more across southern Arizona because the latitude makes for abundant sunshine and little energy is required to maintain greenhouse temperatures.

      This list is incomplete, but I think you get the idea. The Central Valley region of California is ideal for fruit and nut crops, but the fools keep electing people who think they need to drain off precious water to keep some minnows alive and destroy mountain dams because it spoils their view of the scenery. The coastal cities will pay for that foolishness if they are in one of the extended droughts that are normal for that region. A 25-year drought would not be uncommon at all.

      If you look at the Colorado River drainage system on a map you will see it goes all the way to the Sea of Cortez. Currently, none of the water from that river reaches the sea. The last of it is redirected by Morales Dam to Mexican agricultural areas. We also share through an extensive canal operation with other regions in western Mexico.

      If this sounds like a brochure just use Google maps to check it out. Also, Texas has similar operations in the Rio Grande Valley, another desert operation.

  5. rachase says:

    As a scientist, I am appalled and ashamed by the pure fraud that some alleged scientists are willing to commit for money. They are prostitutes! With respect to the subject discussed here, there is NO valid basis for any of the quoted probabilistic about drought and warming to be developed from available data. SHAME on them.

    • rachase says:

      “probabilistic” = probabilities. Auto finish strikes again.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        We are all stricken with the auto correction from time to time. History says that we have been slowly cooling since the initial Holocene warming period. But history from core data shows that California is subject to extended dry periods (drought , if you will) that last over many decades. Modern growth has occurred during one of the many decades-long wet periods. It could conceivably not change much from the current drought period for the next hundred years. Native Americans over thousands of years migrated between the forests during wet periods and the south end of the Bay area during drought periods to live off the oysters, fish, and whatever.

        Californians are stupidly paying ridiculous taxes for really dumb ideas. Quite probably, the day is coming when they will be wishing they had spent money on desalting ocean water, but it will be too late.

        • Ernest Bush says:

          The truth is most of coastal California has an overpopulation problem. Otherwise, the dry and wet cycles could be easily managed. Upper middle class Californians love to live in forested areas where forest fires are also part of a natural cycle. Sooner or later a forest will burn and some of you will lose your home, possibly because of stupid green regulations.

    • richard clenney says:

      No, a prostitute give something of value for their pay; these “scientists”
      are con men, pure and simple, way lower than a prostitute.

  6. Caleb says:

    It is always amazing to me how the alarmism is completely divorced from history, even quite recent history. The only response is to do exactly what you do. Hit them with the history, over and over and over.

    At times it surely feels like banging your head into a brick wall, because the perpetrators of the divorce will pay absolutely no attention. That is their MO.

    However I think the public slowly catches on. Eventually the public will come up with an ingenious word that encapsulates the antics of the people who are divorced-from-history, a word much better than “alarmist”. Then we have won.

    One word that seems to be catching on is to refer to such alarmist babble as their “shtick”.

    Besides going over history again and again and again, another thing to do (which you sometimes do) is to simply point out one does not need to look at nature as being maimed. Counter their dismal view with appreciations of nature’s power, resiliency, beauty, and amazing vitality.

  7. juanmirre says:

    SOLVE THE DANGEROUS AGW & poison CO2! Be smart as Indians, switch to DWARF CATTLE (and why not dwarf pigs, dwarf lambs, dwarf whatever)

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