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Hot Days In Illinois Are A Thing Of The Past

Prior to 1960, 100 degree days were very common in Illinois, but they rarely happen any more. The reason you don’t hear about this from government climate scientists, is because they are criminals pushing the White House global warming agenda … Continue reading

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More On The Breathtaking NCAR Museum Climate Fraud

As I showed yesterday, NCAR has this map showing a huge amount of winter warming in Illinois. The map is fairly precise, and 100% fraudulent at the same time. Winter temperatures in Illinois did indeed rise significantly from 1975 to … Continue reading

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Today’s Sea Level Fraud From NASA

Check out this moronic headline in the LA Times New satellite measurements from NASA suggest that ocean levels could rise by 3 feet or more globally by the end of the century. The question faced by scientists and policymakers is … Continue reading

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Today’s Fraud Focus – Sea Level

The University of Colorado claims that sea level is rising 3.3 mm/year. CU Sea Level Research Group | University of Colorado Boulder is the epicenter of climate fraud, and this is no exception. 85% of NOAA tide gauges show less … Continue reading

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My Arctic Forecast

The map below (modified by me to include August changes) shows the approximate current state of old, thick multi-year Arctic sea ice (MYI) In a few weeks, there will be a ~50% increase in the amount of MYI and an … Continue reading

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