Today’s Sea Level Fraud From NASA

Check out this moronic headline in the LA Times

ScreenHunter_2767 Aug. 27 13.16

New satellite measurements from NASA suggest that ocean levels could rise by 3 feet or more globally by the end of the century. The question faced by scientists and policymakers is not whether oceans will rise, but how fast and by how much.

“People need to be prepared for sea level rise,” said Joshua Willis, an oceanographer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge. “It’s not going to stop.”

Sea levels will rise, experts warn, and ‘it’s not going to stop’ – LA Times

Of course sea level is going to rise. It has been rising for 20,000 years – most of that time faster than now. Sea level will stop rising when we enter the next ice age.

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level (1)

NOAA Tide gauges indicate that global sea level will rise about four inches by 2100, not 40 inches.

ScreenHunter_2763 Aug. 27 12.31

Sea Level Trends – MSL global stations trends table

These fraudsters at NASA are pimping mindless and fraudulent propaganda for the White House, with no basis in science. Sea level in the San Francisco Bay is the same as 70 years ago.

ScreenHunter_2768 Aug. 27 13.24

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13 Responses to Today’s Sea Level Fraud From NASA

  1. tomwys1 says:

    First you need to remember that the Satellite radars that Topex/Poseidon/Jason rely upon cannot resolve at the millimeter level. The Ku Band can only resolve 23 mm and the C band limits to 56mm. With orbital tracking error in the 20 – 40 mm range, there is such an error range that reliance on the satellite reportage for public policy purposes is tantamount to malpractice, if not outright criminality.

    In tectonically inert places (neither land rising nor subsiding) such as the Gulf of Maine, there is a slight upward trend in sea-level, but minuscule at that. The level recorded by the Portland Maine Tide Gauge in 2014 is IDENTICAL (to the millimeter!) to that measured in 1947. Ocean current changes appear to be the major factor. The old timers correctly say that sea-levels are the same as when they “grew up,” and they are absolutely correct!!!

  2. AndyG55 says:

    In tectonically stable Sydney, delta sea level is 0.65mm per year. SCARY !!!!!

    There has been NO ACCELERATION at all in the 130 years of accurately maintained data.

    In fact, wherever you look , there is absolutely no CO2 signature in anything except biosphere growth.

    • There seems to be a CO2 signature in government spending growth.

    • Snowleopard says:

      Warmists like to attribute sea level rise to thermal expansion and melting glaciers, but for many other reasons sea level SHOULD be rising, but it is not rising much, if at all.

      Small comets: Some credible estimates for the water Earth gains by small comet impact are impressive to say the least.

      Burning hydrocarbons of course yields carbon (CO2) and water. Burning a gallon of liquid fuel produces about 1.5 gallons of water. The world uses roughly 5 million bpd of oil liquids. IF all burned this adds about 115 billion gallons per year to the water cycle. Larger amounts are attributable to both coal and natural gas burning.

      Worldwide many aquifers are being pumped out at rates much larger than recharge. Most of this water moves to the sea. Furthermore pumping of some aquifers leads to land subsidence.

      Natural erosion by wind of desert sand and by water of soil and rock. Added to accelerated erosion of topsoil caused by modern land use must certainly displace significant seawater.

      Given the insignificant or nonexistent sea level rise, one might conclude that world glaciers are in fact growing.

      • Jason Calley says:

        All very good points — especially the pumping out of aquifers. One of the things that bothers me the most about the wild panic of the CAGW enthusiasts, is that their fantastical fear of CO2 has shifted people’s environmental concerns away from REAL problems that we could be solving. Erosion and destruction of topsoil, depletion of aquifers, real pollution, overfishing, loss of biological diversification, etc., etc.

        • That. We will pay dearly for wasting time and resources on this BS and for our failure to focus on real problems and threats.

        • Snowleopard says:

          In the early days of the Global Warming scare, it appears the owners of the big banks decided it would be profitable to run a world carbon trading program, and thereby extract a percentage of the world economy in fees. They directed their controlled foundations to support “green” groups in proportion to the group’s support of the CAGW meme.

          Unsurprisingly in the next decade or so, all major “green” groups became primarily focused on CAGW to the detriment of real ecological concerns. Members of these groups increasingly moved into control of the government agencies dealing with environment. This continues to be the case today as the bankers financial objective is yet to be achieved.

          Another objective appears to be a crony capitalist / bureaucrat control of the economy, with enough carbon rules to keep unwanted participants at bay.

      • AndrewS says:

        Snowleopard – Not only Comets, but Solar wind as well:

  3. Rosco says:

    All everyone alive today will care about is that they are buried in high ground if indeed they care at all.

    No-one alive today is going to witness 3 feet of sea level rise – anyone who thinks they will is mentally disturbed and should contact John Cook or Stephan Lewandowsky for appropriate re-assurance !!!

  4. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    NASA’s 3 feet rise in global sea level by the end of the century, seems rather conservative compared against ABC (Australia) science presenter Robyn Williams’ sea level rise forecast of 100 metres by 2100!

    Whether the climate ‘science’ comes from alarmist HQ NASA, the White House, ABC or their respective regressive political parties, it holds true that if you are ‘Green’, you no longer have to tell the truth. Any falsehood or exaggeration you utter is just a sign of your commitment, not of your deceit.

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