Hot Days Occurring Less Frequently In Australia

ScreenHunter_10210 Aug. 28 09.10

Contrary to the lies of climate criminals, hot days in Australia have become less frequent, not more frequent.


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3 Responses to Hot Days Occurring Less Frequently In Australia

  1. Question; why do all graphs in articles on climate change (including here) look like they were plotted using 1970s computer technology?

  2. Rosco says:

    The hottest day I personally remember occurred in November 1968 – I don’t remember the date.

    I remember this day particularly well because in 1968 I lived in The Gap – a suburb of Brisbane. I was in high school undertaking our school system’s external examinations for what was then called the “Junior leaving certificate” – you couldn’t leave school until 15 – I was 14.

    I was sitting a technical drawing examination. Anyone who has ever undertaken one of these knows neatness is an essential pre-requisite.

    the day I sat this examination the temperature was well over 105 F – >40 C – in the examination room – no air conditioning in any of our state schools back then.

    Everyone in that room sweltered for 3 hours trying to produce good looking drawings with sweat rolling from every pore.

    That is why I remember it so well.

    The next stand out one I remember occurred in November 1980 – I don’t recall the date.

    I was an Environmental Health Officer undertaking water sampling with 2 students on work experience for their course.

    Swimming pools were packed and the water temperatures of all of the pools exceeded 35 degrees C – you can imagine the air temperature in the Sun. Still only the second hottest I recall. I never understood why people bothered going swimming in near body temperature water ???

    The next really hot day I recall occurred in January 2012. The temperature hit 38 degrees C in Brisbane.

    August 2009 was abnormal though – 31 degrees C in the last month of “winter” was a bit abnormal – nothing anywhere near that since the decade long drought broke with spectacular rainfall and flooding though.

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