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Experts Doomed By Their Own Stupidity

Four years after experts announced the end of Hudson Bay Polar Bears due to declining summer sea ice, summer ice extent there is second highest on record. Stirling believes this will lead to the disappearance of polar bears from northeastern … Continue reading

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Long Heatwaves Are A Thing Of The Past In Nebraska

Nebraska used to have frequent long heatwaves, but they rarely happen any more. The years 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1937 all had stretches over 90 degrees for more than 40 consecutive days. During the summer of 1935, Beaver City, NE had 55 … Continue reading

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Glaciers Have Been Disappearing For Hundreds Of Years

Climate morons note that most of the world’s glaciers are melting, but are too ignorant to know that this started hundreds of years ago. It has nothing to do with CO2. 28 Sep 1910 – RECEDING GLACIERS.

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Heatwaves Are A Thing Of The Past In Wisconsin

Wisconsin used to have long stretches over 90 degrees, like 1901 and 1916 which each had 21 consecutive days over 90 degrees. Heatwaves like that never happen any more, and the average heat wave length has dropped by almost 50%.

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Advancing Alaskan Glacier

The Margerie Glacier in Alaska is nearly identical to what it looked like in 1941, and has been advancing for the past couple of decades. Margerie Glacier 1941-2003 Margerie Glacier is about 1-mile wide, with an ice face that is … Continue reading

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Obama’s Flagrant Lies About Fire

Alaska’s fire season is now more than a month longer than it was in 1950. At one point this summer, more than 300 wildfires were burning at once. Southeast of here, in our Pacific Northwest, even the rainforest is on … Continue reading

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