1990 IPCC Report – No Acceleration In Sea Level Rise

Sea level criminals want you to believe that sea level rise is accelerating. But that isn’t what they used to say.

9.3.3 Accelerations in Sea Level Rise

Is there evidence of any “accelerations” (or departures from long-term linear trends) in the rate of sea level rise? From examinations of both composite regional and global curves and individual tide gauge records, there is no convincing evidence of an acceleration in global sea level rise during the twentieth century. For longer periods, however, there is weak evidence for an acceleration over the last 2-3 centuries

FAR – 1990 IPCC report

The only acceleration is due to their own data tampering.



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3 Responses to 1990 IPCC Report – No Acceleration In Sea Level Rise

  1. Andy DC says:

    More encyclicals from the trillion dollar cult of Gaia.

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