1825 Fire Burned 2.5 Million Acres Of Canada In Nine Hours

Recent “record breaking” fires are miniscule compared to fires from 190 years ago. The 1825 Miramichi fire in New Brunswick burned 2.5 million acres in nine hours, killing everything in its path.

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19 Sep 1908 – Historic Forest Fires. LARGE AREAS DEVASTATED. T…


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3 Responses to 1825 Fire Burned 2.5 Million Acres Of Canada In Nine Hours

  1. 4TimesAYear says:

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  2. Andy DC says:

    You look back at historical weather records and there is almost nothing in recent years that hasn’t happened a lot worse in the past. But you would never know that listening to so-called climate experts.

  3. rachase says:

    The Peshtigo Fire on Oct 8, 1871 (the same day as the “great” Chicago Fire) burned 1875 sq miles (1.2 million acres) in Wisconsin, killing more than 1500 people, the greatest loss of life from a fire in the nation’s history. On the same day, the cities of Holland and Manistee, Michigan were burned to the ground by a forest fire that swept across an extensive area in that state.

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