More On Obama’s Spectacular Glacier Fraud

The fraudster in chief hiked at the Exit Glacier in Alaska last week, and said that he could slow down melting by shutting down America’s reliable energy supply.

According to US Park Service documents, the Exit Glacier melt rate has dropped in half over the last 125 years.

ScreenHunter_2934 Sep. 06 12.40

ScreenHunter_2831 Sep. 01 18.11 Retreat of Exit Glacier.pdf

There wasn’t one word of truth to Obama’s fraudulent climate claims in Alaska. His goal is injure America, and he is doing it with the willing compliance of the press.


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10 Responses to More On Obama’s Spectacular Glacier Fraud

  1. Andy DC says:

    It appears that there has been no significant change since the days of greedy dead white male capitalist pigs like John D Rockefeller, who raped the planet for profit.

    • David A says:

      It appears that there has been no significant change since the days of humans arrived.
      (the good the bad and everything in-between.)

  2. Billy Liar says:

    These are just pesky facts. They do not stand in the way of true visionaries.

  3. kentclizbe says:

    Willing Accomplices to the destruction of Normal-America.

    • omanuel says:

      President Lincoln appointed a private group of distinguished scholars to serve as the US National Academy of Sciences in 1863 to advise the US government on matters related to science and technology.

      After Eisenhower build a gigantic network of federal research agencies (AEC, DOE, NSF, etc.) to protect our country from USSR domination, the US Congress asked this same private, self-perpetuating group of once distinguished scholars to review the budgets of these research agencies for Congress.

      There is little or no protection from conflict of interest. We are all responsible for not speaking out on this matter earlier.

  4. darrylb says:

    I am going to repeat what I have said here several times before.
    Those of us who are commenting are for the most part preaching to the choir

    Our host is doing his part by presenting information on this blog.
    The rest of us have to do our part by educating the public as best as we can in
    whatever avenues are open to us. Some may have many avenues, some none at

    I also want to add that ad hominen attacks as done by the warmist crowd will serve no
    Giving people credit for showing an interest in the lives of humans seems to open up doors
    that are otherwise permanently closed. and of course, my nose has gotten a little bloodied (figuratively) by doors slammed in my face.

    I expect our host has gotten quite bloodied at times. All the more to be congratulated.

  5. daveburton says:

    Excellent work, Tony. The linked article, “The Retreat of Exit Glacier,” by biologist Susan Huse, is very interesting reading, too. I saved a copy of it on my server.

    There’s little evidence that mankind has had much to do with glacial retreat. A few hundred miles to the east of Exit Glacier is Glacier Bay, where the story is similar. Take a look at this map of Glacier Bay, AK:

    Those glaciers were retreating in the 1700’s, nearly 2 centuries before humans had much effect on CO2 levels. Note the large deceleration (reduction) in rate of glacial retreat during the 20th century, despite a dramatic increase in human CO2 emissions.

  6. I always thought Americans had a strange sense of humour – but now as Obama turns to the comedy phase of his presidency I’m starting to understand it.

  7. Perry Phillips says:

    From where did you get your retreat data for your graph for the last two points post 1973 for Exit Glacier? The table shows data only thru 1973.and then only an average from 1815 – 1999.

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