NASA Shows Only 0.5C Warming Since 1944

NASA is constantly tampering with their data to cool the past and warm the present – in order to make the hiatus disappear.


But one interesting thing is that they now show 2014 less than 0.5C warmer than 1944.

Fig.A2 (4)

The stated goal of climate fraudsters to stay under 2C warming based on fake NASA data, seems to be happening.


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1 Response to NASA Shows Only 0.5C Warming Since 1944

  1. I’ve often tried to fit curves to various data so I know you can shoehorn anything to fit if you try hard enough. So, the real skill of any engineer is to know when they are trying too hard. One of the key tests is whether new data makes it more or less difficult to fit … because if new data isn’t easier to fit, then I’ve probably made a big mistake somewhere -usually by over-complexing the analysis.

    What’s the difference between a good engineer, a new engineer and a scientist?

    A good engineer is embarrassed by their own poor assumptions.
    A new engineers is embarrassed by their peers about their poor assumptions.
    A scientist is never embarrassed by their gross assumptions.

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