More Spectacular Fraud From Joe Romm

The climate mafia now simply lies about everything.

ScreenHunter_3007 Sep. 10 14.00

Labor Day weekend usually means that the U.S. is done with heat waves for the summer. But not this year.

Southern California hit well over 100 degrees Wednesday, putting it easily on its way to a heat wave — which technically means three consecutive days of 90 degrees or more. Citing expected temperatures of 102 to 108 degrees, the National Weather Service put out an “Excessive Heat Warning” Wednesday.

Utter BS. The warmest months of the year on the California coast are almost always September and October. Everyone in California knows that.

Boston, MA had its first September heat wave in 30 years on Tuesday. Attleboro, MA students returned to school with unseasonably high temperatures, as Tuesday’s high of 96 degrees broke a record for the hottest September day ever measured. Facilities unused to such temperatures during the school year made it difficult for officials keep children from overheating — buildings were only climate-controlled enough to allow students to spend half the day in air-conditioned areas. Nearby Providence, Rhode Island saw its first all-September heat wave in 32 years on Wednesday. Westover, MA hit a record high of 92, and had its first heat wave of the year.

Flagrant lies. Attleboro was 98 degrees in September, 1953.

ScreenHunter_3009 Sep. 10 14.07

Intellicast – Attleboro Historic Weather Averages in Massachusetts (02703)

Almost every September heat record in Massachusetts was set in 1953 or 1969.

ScreenHunter_3008 Sep. 10 14.04Observational data and climate records make clear that heat waves have already increased in duration and intensity. Climate models have shown that heat waves are “virtually certain” to get worse as greenhouse gases warm the planet.

The U.S. Is Still Sweating Out Heat Waves In September. Why? | ThinkProgress

The exact opposite is true. Heatwaves have become much less common in the US, and their duration has become much shorter.

The EPA shows that heatwaves used to be much worse.

ScreenHunter_3010 Sep. 10 14.17

High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA

The GHCN temperature record shows that heatwaves used to be much worse in the US.

ScreenHunter_2364 Jun. 10 10.05ScreenHunter_2363 Jun. 10 09.59

ScreenHunter_2888 Sep. 03 14.55

ScreenHunter_2905 Sep. 04 11.10

Heatwaves in Europe haven’t changed at all.

ScreenHunter_9873 Jul. 06 13.55

During September, 1925 Harrisburg, Illinois had nine consecutive days over 100 degrees, including five days over 105 degrees.

ScreenHunter_3011 Sep. 10 14.26

Illinois hasn’t had any 100 degree days in any month for the past two years.

Climate criminals are simply making up statistics which are the exact opposite of reality. Heatwaves are becoming much less common and much less intense in the US, as CO2 continues to rise. There is no correlation.


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8 Responses to More Spectacular Fraud From Joe Romm

  1. norilsk says:

    In Southern Ontario we just finished a heat wave and returned to average type teperatures today. But as usual a trip to the records shows it’s nothing unusual. Just because everybody’s dead from the last time it happened doesn’t change the facts. The record high temps from Sept. 9 to Sept 13 were all from 1931 in Norfolk County–33 C, 33 C, 33 C, 35 C and 33 C. Tell them to read it and weep.

  2. omanuel says:

    They are desperate, Steven, and may do most anything now. Even CERN reports may be a 911 distraction.

    Was the game plan for world control exposed?

    Jeff Id asks, What’s Up?

    Have the selfish human forces that historically battled each other for control of the world [e.g., Muslim vs Hindu vs Buddhist vs Christian vs Jewish; Communism vs Fascism vs Capitalism, etc.] realized a benevolent, powerful force actually created and sustains every one of the atoms, lives and planets in the solar system?

    _ a.) The Benevolent Universe
    _ b.) Assurance

    None of us knows what is happening, but world leaders seem to have lost contact with reality.

  3. Andy DC says:

    These are the facts. Boston, MA reached 100 degrees during September 1953. But their all time September record is 102, set on September 7, 1881. That is 134 years ago, when CO2 levels must have been extremely safe.

    But if that isn’t enough, on the same date, September 7, 1881, the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC reached 108! The hottest on record for any month, for any DC area weather station.

    And also coinciding with same heatwave was the catastrophic September 1881 forest fire in Michigan that burned 2.5 million acres and killed nearly 300 people.

    So before people whine about our current weather being so terrible, they should take a look at the record book.

  4. emsnews says:

    They burned all the records and replaced them with lies.

    Thus the need for this blog here.

  5. AndyG55 says:

    Hey , did anyone notice that only ONE of those monthly maximums in Attleboro was this century?

    Where the warming ??????

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