Science Integrity Is The Lowest In 500 Years

Check out the latest fraud from “climate scientists” in a “peer reviewed journal”

ScreenHunter_3060 Sep. 14 15.56

California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack is the lowest in 500 years

California droughts are caused by periods of dominantly cold water in the Pacific. This year the water is very warm, and they will likely get huge snowfalls. They cherry-picked the last El Nino year (2010) for their comparison

ScreenHunter_3061 Sep. 14 16.42

The authors also chose a time period of 500 years, because they didn’t want to discuss the much worse droughts more than 500 years ago.

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14 Responses to Science Integrity Is The Lowest In 500 Years

  1. rah says:

    I really don’t like these kinds of stories for a very selfish reason! I would prefer for the fruits and nuts to remain concentrated there and these kinds of stories might drive them east to my corn fields in Indiana!

  2. emsnews says:

    Arizona saw nearly a total destruction of the native farming communities there during the Medieval mega droughts. Terrible destruction. One could see all over the Tucson valley the broken pottery and abandoned corn stone grinding tools.

    • rah says:

      Ever visit Sunset Crater and the near by Wupotki ruins? Pretty cool! Been there twice and would go back again. As far as I’m concerned the time to visit Sunset Crater is at sunset. That is when it’s most beautiful but it also when all the bats, thousands upon thousands of them, are leaving the many lava caves to go out for a night of hunting. Amazing site.

  3. franktrades says:

    rah, if your cornfield is fed by the Ogallala aquifer you may be the next story.

  4. RickS says:

    California has been in a virtual drought since El Nino 1997-1998, except for Winter 2004-2005 (Almost 40 inches) and Winter 2009-2010 (20 inches+) !

    Since El Nino 1997-1998, California has been experiencing virtually non-stop “LA Nina’s” which leads to cooler ocean water which produce little rainfall !

    “Global Warming” by definition “must” produce warm ocean water “throughout” Planet Earth, including the extremely large body of water known as the “Pacific Ocean” !!


    El Nino 2015-2016 (Which still has yet to produce) should dramatically increase West Coast Winter precipitation yet still it is “long” overdue !!!

    BUT the fear that must be/could be anticipated is that a “final” draining of the last warm surface Pacific ocean water could be eliminated allowing a severe cooling climate World wide, and that alone sounds Extremely “spooky”…

    Rick S. Amateur Meteorologist
    Southern California

  5. It seems integrity in science really went south with the whole global warming scam. But then I remembered the ‘nuclear winter’ scam even before global warming. It seems there are plenty of demagogues pretending to be scientists to promote their statist fantasies. Every imminent disaster they dream up requires massive government take over of all aspects of our lives.

  6. Rich Rostrom says:

    I’ve been thinking for a while that “global warming” is a potential threat to civilization. Besides the enormous economic damage inflicted by “green” boondoggles, it has corrupted science, and caused science to be seen as corruptible.

    This may lead to a general rejection of the authority of science, and an epidemic of superstition, huckstering, fraud, and willful ignorance.

    Science is an essential tool. Its misuse may break it.

  7. Diggs says:

    Predicting the future at 100% certainty based on two satellite pictures and a couple decades of fairly inaccurate snow pack measurements.
    Dang, I wish I had gone into climatology instead of a science where one needed to provide hard data that was reproducible.

  8. David A says:

    Yet the water has been warm, the “blob”, for this entire drought. The loopy jet stream and the RRR are the cause of this drought. Will they continue? What caused the loopy jet stream? I don’t know, but not your SUV.

  9. canucklehead says:

    Are they 97% certain of this?

  10. William says:

    A key word when you know what you are being told baloney about climate change: “……this is the worst xxxxx SINCE, some past eon.” In other words, it happened before and we are still here.

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