Raising A Generation Of Climate Drones

Check out this brainwashed  17 year old climate drone.

ScreenHunter_10448 Sep. 17 00.36

Local political officials recently committed Park City, Utah to the front lines of the international struggle to avert catastrophic global warming by signing on to Climate Reality‘s “I am Pro-Snow” campaign. As a 17-year-old cold-weather athlete attending the Winter Sports School in Park City, I applaud their leadership.

Neglect Over Climate Change Is Putting My Generation of Skiers on Styrofoam Snow

Park City, Utah has zero effect on the global climate. Utah ski areas are buried in summer snow today.


Mayor Jack Thomas told me, “We have to act responsibly. Reliable winter weather is our economic driver.” Last month the National Weather Service declared this July the hottest month ever recorded since measurements began in 1860. Some experts are now predicting the end of skiing in North America by the close of this century. This isn’t scaremongering; it’s already happening!

The National Weather Service made no such claim, and July was just about average in the US. The NOAA claim was a total fraud, and was not backed up by satellite data.

Everywhere I travel on the tournament circuit, from the Alps to Mt. Hood and from New Zealand’s Coronet Park to Iceland, athletes and industry workers are complaining about shrinking glaciers, dwindling snowpack, unpredictable snowfalls and shorter winters. The winter melt starts two weeks earlier in Colorado than it did in the 1970s, says World Olympic X Games Champion Chris Davenport, who is a board member of the industry group Protect Our Winters.

The 1970s had the coldest winters in US history. Only a total fraudster would start a trend then. Colorado has been having very long ski seasons. Much longer than we used to.

ScreenHunter_10450 Sep. 17 00.51ScreenHunter_100 Mar. 01 12.12

ScreenHunter_99 Mar. 01 12.11

Davenport explained that while glaciers are shrinking and snowpack disappearing on every continent, climate models predict the coastal range ski areas will be the first to close for lack of snow. “The economic devastation in the Pacific northwest ski region over the past few years is consistent with that modeling.”

Winter snow cover has been increasing across the Northern Hemisphere

“All over the globe, we are watching the snow thin and seasons shorten—even in Colorado and especially in the Alps, South America and New Zealand.”

Colorado has been having spectacular snow, and very long ski seasons. February was the snowiest month on record in Boulder, CO.

In New Hampshire, the mean winter temperature has warmed nearly 4 degrees over the past century, with much of that happening since 1970. Poor snow years have increased 22 percent in the Northeast over the past six decades, while average snowpack in the Cascades has declined 25 percent. During the same period, the Swiss Alps have seen a 15-to-25 percent decrease in winter snow.

Complete nonsense. New Hampshire winter temperatures have declined for 120 years. Irving Berlin’s 1954 classic “White Christmas” was a story about 70 degrees on Christmas Eve in New England.

ScreenHunter_10451 Sep. 17 00.56

This 17 year old kid has developed a very strong belief system, based entirely on propaganda, misinformation and lies. Nothing this kid, or anyone else, does will have any effect on the climate.


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5 Responses to Raising A Generation Of Climate Drones

  1. ren says:

    Massive dangerous earthquake near Illapel (Coquimbo coast), Chile – at least 5 people killed – Pacific Ocean tsunami waves expected.

    This is the beginning of the end of the El Niño?

  2. Like all extremists, they prey on the young and gullible … and they hate the people with the life experience and shrewdness to tell them to go get stuffed.

  3. rah says:

    They keep recycling the same old crap these days only now they extend the time period when such terrible things will happen further into the future so the source will be retired if not pushing up daises by the time their proven to be full of it. And that global warming sure does get around now doesn’t it? Earlier this year it was in Pakistan, then recently it moved to the Arctic, and now it’s hanging out in the NW US.

  4. Andy DC says:

    If it is warmer than the coldest year on record, or less snowy than the snowiest year on record, it definitely means that the planet is frying (sarc).

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