The US Was Much Hotter Before 1960

Prior to 1960, 100 degree days were much more common and covered a much larger area of the US than they have since 1960.

ScreenHunter_10442 Sep. 17 00.00 ScreenHunter_10443 Sep. 17 00.07


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2 Responses to The US Was Much Hotter Before 1960

  1. Ian Billing says:

    Crikey, that’s a hilarious statement: “New Zealand’s Coronet Park….workers are complaining about dwindling snowpack”, Really?

    Coronet Peak snow has been so heavy this year it is off the scale, literally, I kid you not; the scale only reads to 160cm and already hit 175cm in early August, easily more than double last year’s high:

    “Snow reported by Coronet Peak so far in 2015 has hit 175cm on Saturday 1st August 2015.”

    “Snow reported by Coronet Peak in the 2014 ski season reached 75cm on Wednesday 13th August 2014.”

    • Andy DC says:

      Snow in New Zealant is weather. Lack of snow in the US Sierra is climate. Every climate expert knows that is settled science!

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