50 Degrees Cooling Since 1895

ScreenHunter_10472 Sep. 19 06.25

Yesterday’s high temperature at Vermillion, SD was 59 degrees, but it was 106 degrees on the same date in 1895. On September 17, 1895 it was 112 degrees at Forestburg, SD. Yesterday it was 57 degrees there.

Government experts say that this is the hottest summer ever.

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8 Responses to 50 Degrees Cooling Since 1895

  1. rah says:

    Well it was probably the hottest summer somewhere so I wonder where in the world that was? Pakistan? India? Kamchatka? Where oh where has the heat been?

  2. JB says:

    Meanwhile, here in SE Michigan, we haven’t seen a 100+ degree day in at least two years. We used to have at least a half dozen of them, 20-30 years ago, when I was a kid.

    This year, temps were so low that tomatoes and other sun/heat-loving veggies didn’t really begin to ripen in large numbers until this month, and cool weather problems like rot/mold/mildew/etc really put a dent in output for the year. Hearing the same from other gardeners and farmers, but the USDA is spinning their data to the press, of course.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I am in Mid North Carolina and have not seen a day over 100F in years. Heck we barely make it over 95 for a couple days last year and the year before. This year we saw more days over 90 and 95 but not mearly as hot as 2004.

  3. Elaine Supkis says:

    We had a cool summer and a warm fall. So yes, the trees are still very green on my mountain and no hard freeze…YET. Tomorrow is going down to near freezing. A sudden freeze is what makes the leaves turn beautiful colors. A warmish fall is dull.

    It is still very early, fall starts TOMORROW so we still have plenty of time to see what October will do.

  4. darrylb says:

    Steve/Tony I appreciate these snippets of info because I have access to the raw raw data at all U.S Stations including our 49th and 50th states, for as long as they were in operation, noting the moves and all the homogenization
    I have keeping in touch with Jen Marrossy (sp?) in Australia who has been trying to make the temp gatekeepers there honest.
    We need more and more world wide to dig out the truth.

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