Heidi Cullen’s Indiana Climate Fraud

Heidi Cullen boldly claims that Indiana summers are going to average well over 90 degrees in the future.

ScreenHunter_3204 Sep. 25 17.54

Blistering Future Summers for 1,001 U.S. Cities | Climate Central

Data shows that the exact opposite is happening. In the 19th century, one day out of ten in Indiana was over ninety degrees, but now only one day over 30 is over ninety degrees. The frequency of hot days is plummeting in Indiana. The exact opposite of Heidi Cullen’s lies is happening.

ScreenHunter_3203 Sep. 25 17.53

I will be landing in Indianapolis in a few minutes. How do Heidi Cullen and Climate Central get away with such flagrant anti-science fraud?

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15 Responses to Heidi Cullen’s Indiana Climate Fraud

  1. Roberto says:

    Mr. Heller, my name is Roberto Vallarino. I am from Panam, Rep. of Panama. I have been following your blog for over a year now. I am writting to you here, because I could not find direct contact information. I have. masters in Environmental Engineering from Clemson and very similarly to yourself, went from a true beleiver to a complete skeptic in the span of the last 25 years. I even did research in the late 80s on global warming, before most of the climate change morons even heard such a thing.

    Anyway, I have been having constant fights with progresives over climate change, specially in the area of renewable energy,,as I maintain that it is not cost effective and can only work if heavily subsidized. Plus, I used one of your posts on the killing of eagles and bats by wind turbines. Of course, today someone told me I worked for Exxon, because my data was complete “bullshit”. I told him I would love a job at Exxon and kindly asked for a contact at the company.

    I’m thinking of starting a blog in spanish. There is a huge need and I have some people that support my attacks on the bogus science. I would love to speak to you if you have the time and get some pointers.

    Anyway, thanks for all the information and have a nice weekend.

  2. Koop in VA says:

    What’s the source for your data that is depicted in your graph? Thanks.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Indiana is not the world. The world is the area where there are huge gaps in data, where leading climate scientists perform their magic with red/brown crayons and coloring books. What better way to “prove” that every month is the hottest ever and that every year is the hottest ever!

    Never allow factual data to get in the way of a massive scam! That is the scientific method at its finest.

    • Indiana is not the world. The world is the West Antarctic Peninsula.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Actual data (November 2009)

      After smearing

      And notice that they HAVE data for northern Canada, they just don’t use it!

      ONly the black triangles are now used.

      …From over 600 individual temperature series and more than 540 combined series with records of more than 20 years, the thermometer record in Canada peaked in approx. 1975 (see map, left), but has since been decimated by station dropout.

      By 2009 there are less than 30 locations reporting temperature that are used by the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) prepared by the U.S. National Climate Data Center (NCDC); this data is also used as the input to NASA’s GIStemp program.
      You can see the locations of the stations on the map (left) and the most obvious ‘hole’ is the lack of stations above latitude 60N. Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories make up 39% of Canada, but between them have only four stations: Dawson and Whitehorse (Y), Eureka and Coral Harbour (NT)….

      [Much more good information about the manipulation of the temperature data record in Canada]


      Canada is not the only place they played the dropout game:
      The Bolivia Effect

      ….One Small Problem with the anomally map. There has not been any thermometer data for Bolivia in GHCN since 1990.

      None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. Empty Set.

      So just how can it be so Hot Hot Hot! in Bolivia if there is NO data from the last 20 years?

      Easy. GIStemp “makes it up” from “nearby” thermometers up to 1200 km away. So what is within 1200 km of Bolivia? The beaches of Chili, Peru and the Amazon Jungle…

      Not exactly the same as snow capped peaks and high cold desert, but hey, you gotta make do with what you have, you know? (The official excuse given is that the data acceptance window closes on one day of the month and Bolivia does not report until after that date. Oh, and they never ever would want to go back and add date into the past after a close date. Yet they are happy to fiddle with, adjust, modify, and wholesale change and delete old data as they change their adjustment methods…)

  4. rah says:

    Hey Tony if your not just passing through enjoy the weather. Pretty darn nice here right now. Your landing about 37 mi SSE of me. I could deal with this kind of weather year round. Highs in the mid to high 70’s and lows in the mid to high 50s. Possible rain in the forecast for tomorrow though. If your passing through then here’s wishing you good skies where ever your going.

    And Koop in VA: Tony has probably taken the raw HCN data and created his own graph and trend line. If you wish to confirm or deny it then you do the same IF YOU CAN! Or find something else that is in conflict with what he has presented.

  5. bwdave says:

    How could anyone think or believe that weather in coastal areas will become more like places far inland while sea levels rise?

    It appears not one high priced “climate scientist” has any clue whatsoever about the behaviors and effects of any atmospheric constituents, especially water and CO2,

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