Katherine Hayhoe Continues To Ramp Up Her Fraud To Spectacular New Levels

Katharine Hayhoe: Scientist faithfully charts the math of climate change

Today, we know the climate is changing. It isn’t just because of thermometers and satellite observations. In total, we have more than 26,500 different natural indicators of a warming planet. Trees are budding earlier, birds and bees are moving poleward, glaciers and ice caps are melting, and sea level is rising.

We also know humans are responsible. Climate scientists study natural cycles, and how things changed in the past, and we know today that the climate should be getting gradually cooler — and it isn’t. If you get 100 scientists in a room and ask them the number one reason for climate change, at least 97 will agree that humans are why the climate is changing.

Katharine Hayhoe: Scientist faithfully charts the math of climate change | Faith Values | lancasteronline.com

Katherine is getting completely shameless with her lies. Cherry blossoms are blooming later in DC. Recent years have been record late.

ScreenHunter_7876 Mar. 13 08.51Bloom Watch | National Cherry Blossom Festival

Glaciers have been melting and sea level rising for 20,000 years. It has nothing to do with humans.

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level (2)

Only 52% of American Meteorological Society members believe global warming is primarily Mann-made, not 97% as Hayhoe claims.

screenhunter_4744-nov-20-08-48 (1)


Katherine isn’t “faithfully charting the numbers” – rather she is lying through her teeth and defrauding the evangelical community.


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8 Responses to Katherine Hayhoe Continues To Ramp Up Her Fraud To Spectacular New Levels

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven, for your continuing effort to counter the well-financed propaganda machine that seeks to isolate mankind from reality.

    Perhaps the answer is in finding out how George Orwell realized in 1946 that our future would be characterized by government deception when he started writing Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

  2. darrylb says:

    I agree with her first paragraph, The climate has been changing, With so many different forcings, it will always be changing.

    The predominant, recognizable cycle IMO is the 1,000 year eddy which history bears out,
    2,000 years ago, the Roman warm Period, 1,000 years ago the medieval warm period, followed by the little ice age, and then a somewhat warmer period today.

    The fact is civilization has thrived during the warm periods.

    As to her second paragraph, I do believe construction (cement) has some measurable effects on regional climate.

    As to migrations, yep some have been happening because it has been getting warmer since the heart of the LIA. However coincidence does not always prove causation.

    In Minnesota, many species have moved south, away from the northern regions. Why? it would be just as foolish to say because it has been cooling. However, almost any creature will go to where the food is, and Minnesota farms have flourished.

  3. willys36 says:

    This site is incredible. It leaves us with two options; either Goddard is a master illusionist and great at creating fiction or he is correct and this Great American Experiment is over.

    • omanuel says:

      There is a third option.

      The force that created and sustains every atom, life and planet in the solar system is guided by the “conscious and intelligent Mind” that Max Planck envisioned in his speech Florence, Italy in 1944.

    • Gail Combs says:

      It certainly looks like our elite masters are planing another “reset”

      You do not get manufacturing with no electric or high cost electric, high wages, reams of regulations. That is why US manufacturing moved overseas. The USA has seen all three happening since the 1970s And just from the financial point of view, fiat currency printing ALWAYS ends in hyperinflation The USA has managed to avoid it so far but Bernanke was printing with abandon since Obummer came to office, doubling the money supply in ONE YEAR!

      Fiat Money: History in the US

      In most cases, a fiat monetary system comes into existence as a result of excessive public debt. When the government is unable to repay all its debt in gold or silver, the temptation to remove physical backing rather than to default becomes irresistible. This was the case in 18th century France during the Law scheme, as well as in the 70s in the US, when Nixon removed the last link between the dollar and gold which is still in effect today.

      Hyper-inflation is the terminal stage of any fiat currency. In hyper-inflation, money looses most of its value practically overnight. Hyper-inflation is often the result of increasing regular inflation to the point where all confidence in money is lost. In a fiat monetary system, the value of money is based on confidence, and once that confidence is gone, money irreversibly becomes worthless, regardless of its scarcity. Gold has replaced every fiat currency for the past 3000 years.

      Kondratieff (K-wave) Long Wave Cycle
      “We are currently in the Winter season of the Kondratieff Long Wave Cycle or K-wave…K-waves are long, super cycles in economic history…”

      April 8, 2011 What are the preconditions for Hyperinflation?

      …hyperinflation has very specific preconditions that are not apparent in the U.S..
      (1.) No foreign currency liability: The U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency so the U.S. can pay for trade goods in U.S. dollars. The U.S. does not have a peg to gold or some other currency which acts as a de facto foreign currency liability. And the U.S. government has substantially no foreign currency liabilities. All of the debt is issued in domestic currency. [Russia and China want the US dollar removed from world reserve currency status. See Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar ]

      Price pressures are still anchored: While commodity prices are rising, they are rising in all currencies, not just in USD. Moreover, their rise will create demand destruction before any hyperinflation could occur. Why? Unemployment is high and capacity utilization is low, meaning there are no inflationary pressures on that front to help push inflation higher before demand destruction sets in.

      Currency revulsion has not set in: Tax compliance is high in the U.S. We are not talking about Russia, Greece or Argentina where government has had a difficult time in raising tax. Moreover, as the USD is still the world’s reserve currency, there has been no freefall sell off of dollars, nor do I anticipate any in the near-to-medium term. [Actually it is not so high The Underground Economy ]

      MORE on the Underground Economy, December 9, 2009 New underground economy

      Once an underground economy develops it generally doesn’t go away unless someone not paying taxes can earn more by paying taxes and that takes good paying jobs.
      John Williams: The Real Unemployment Rate: 22%−Not 8.1%

      Growing U.S. trade deficit with China cost 2.8 million jobs between 2001 and 2010

  4. omanuel says:


    ResearchGate offers AGW supporters and critics and editors of mainstream research journals, the news media, leaders of federal research agencies and the scientific community an opportunity to DOWNLOAD, READ & RESPOND in public, affirming or denying precise experimental data and observations that

    1. Assure us the pulsar-centered Sun controls the solar system, and

    2. Fear is a tool of tyrants pretending to control Earth and its climate

    • omanuel says:

      Many skeptics were, and are, true environmentalists and opponents of national, religious and ethnic intolerance and violence.

      We actually cared about items that Stalin’s propaganda artists cleverly used to build a totalitarian, one-world government.

      Fortunately there really is a benevolent force in control of every atom, life and planet on the solar system.

  5. I enjoyed watching more of Hayhoe’s permanent drought falling during the TCU/Texas Tech game in Lubbock.

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