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Iowa Summers Used To Be Much Hotter And Longer

On this date in 1953, it was an unbelievable 101 degrees at Indianola, Iowa.  September days over 100 degrees used to be fairly common there, but they haven’t had one in over 60 years. For the entire year, the frequency … Continue reading

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Phil Jones Hiding The Decline

In 1969, the British Met Office knew that the Northern Hemisphere cooled sharply from 1950 to 1969, and warned of a new ice age. 13 Mar 1969 – New Ice Age threatens Europe The National Center For Atmospheric Research in … Continue reading

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Scientists Weren’t Always This Stupid

In 1934, there was “climate disruption” and drought across the planet. 12 Jun 1934 – WORLD-WIDE DROUGHT. Instead of blaming humans like the current crop of brainless climate scientists do, scientists at the time blamed variations in solar activity. 08 Sep … Continue reading

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Katherine Hayhoe Continues To Ramp Up Her Fraud To Spectacular New Levels

Katharine Hayhoe: Scientist faithfully charts the math of climate change Today, we know the climate is changing. It isn’t just because of thermometers and satellite observations. In total, we have more than 26,500 different natural indicators of a warming planet. … Continue reading

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Mind Blowing Sea Level Fraud At National Geographic

National Geographic published this spectacularly fraudulent hockey of sea level, along with this wildly false claim. Local measurements of sea level with tide gauges became common after 1880; satellites began global measurements in 1992. They’ve shown a clear acceleration: At … Continue reading

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Pentagon Says Europe Will Drown In The Next Four Years

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian We give the Pentagon hundreds of billions of dollars a year, but they didn’t have enough money to find out that sea level isn’t actually rising in much … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Continues Its Record September Increase

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut After the shortest melt season on record, Arctic sea ice has gained nearly one million km² since September 1. Nobel Prize winners say the Arctic is ice-free. Gore: Polar ice cap may … Continue reading

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Intelligent Journalists Are A Thing Of The Past

Mont Blanc glacier: a striking example of reality of global warming BY HELENE FOUQUET, SEPTEMBER 26 2015, 10:26 ON A mild September day 27 years ago, my family and I took a red cog train and a brand-new cable car … Continue reading

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Old EPA Mined Trick

A few weeks ago, the EPA caused the largest toxic waste spill in US history. By the numbers: The massive toll of the Animas River spill By Ben Brumfield, CNN Updated 12:57 PM ET, Thu August 13, 2015 The number of … Continue reading

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Okies Nearly Destroyed The Planet In 1934

Did I ever mention that progressives are completely insane? What caused the Dust Bowl? This is a case where humans took control of the climate American Dust Bowl Progressives believe that a few farmers in the Oklahoma Panhandle caused the … Continue reading

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