More Smoking Guns Of Fraud At NASA

In 1923, the whole world was rapidly warming and glaciers were disappearing. It was reported that “Iceland is no longer … the land of ice


04 May 1923 – WINTERS ARE WARMER. Why the World’s Climate is C…

NASA (AKA The Ministry of Truth) does not show this warming prior to 1923.

Fig.A2 (1)

This pre-1923 warming was clearly shown in the 1975 National Academy of Sciences graph, as was the cooling after the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa – which NASA has also erased.

ScreenHunter_10729 Oct. 09 22.55

In 1976, National Geographic showed the same pre-1923 warm up, and had a discussion of the 1883 Krakatoa cooling.


They also photographically documented the retreat of glaciers before 1940.

ScreenHunter_3436 Oct. 09 23.38

ScreenHunter_3435 Oct. 09 23.38

Until a few years ago, NASA showed the 1920’s warm up in Iceland, and temperature maximum around 1940.


station (13)

But that didn’t fit the needs of the criminals in the White House, so NASA simply made the earlier warmth in Iceland disappear.



The people generating these graphs are fraudsters, not scientists. It is sad a few clueless skeptics still pretend that the NASA/NOAA temperature records are somehow legitimate.

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7 Responses to More Smoking Guns Of Fraud At NASA

  1. omanuel says:

    Congratulations, Steven aka Tony, for your success in pulling the curtain on the “Modern Wizard of Oz” and discovering, – NASA !

  2. The shameless socialists behind this “scientific” scam count heavily on the people being ignorant of history and geology, not to mention physics. They ensure ignorance of history, geology, and physics by controlling the education system. They pay the scientists to prostitute themselves, causing few in academia to break ranks until they retire. They make history and science seem so boring few will read or study these fields. Of course, being socialists, it is absolutely essential that they obfuscate the failures of the many times socialism has been instituted by governments and failed miserably. Now they have to hide the temperature, ice, and storm records in order to try to maintain plausibility for their failed catastrophic man-made global warming hypothesis.

  3. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “Pathological Science” (NASA, NOAA)

    Via Pointman :

    There are many aspects to the style of science underpinning the theory of global warming that remind me of something the American scientist Irving Langmuir christened pathological science. Wiki for once is accurate and defines it as –
    “Pathological science is a psychological process in which a scientist, originally conforming to the scientific method, unconsciously veers from that method, and begins a pathological process of wishful data interpretation.”
    It goes on to say it has the following characteristics –

    * The maximum effect that is observed is produced by a causative agent of barely detectable intensity, and the magnitude of the effect is substantially independent of the intensity of the cause.
    * The effect is of a magnitude that remains close to the limit of detectability, or many measurements are necessary because of the very low statistical significance of the results.
    * There are claims of great accuracy.
    * Fantastic theories contrary to experience are suggested.
    * Criticisms are met by ad hoc excuses.
    * The ratio of supporters to critics rises and then falls gradually to oblivion.

  4. Chaam Jamal says:

    The core idea of AGW is that the rate of fossil fuel emissions determines the rate of warming at a decadal time scale. I tested this hypothesis with the Hadcrut4 temperature anomaly data from 1850-2014 and did not find a relationship between the rate of emissions and the rate of warming. The results and the data are available online at

  5. Andy DC says:

    Every idiot knows that the average climate expert in 1923 was only 5 feet tall, while today he is 6 feet tall. Thus we must warm the present and cool the past due to the change of parallax view that has taken place when the climate expert reads his thermometer. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Only a knuckle dragging science denier like Steve Goddard/Tony Heller can keep ignoring such obvious fact!

    David Apple

  6. sfx2020 says:

    The essential fact that can’t be adjusted away, is what happens to water and water vapor when it gets cold. Adjusting the past for temperature doesn’t do anything to the actual records, which include snowfall, icing of commerce lanes and harbors, first and last frost, snow amounts, all kinds of records.

    It’s why adjusting the temperature is such a scientific travesty.

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