Sea Level Idiocy At National Geographic

National Geographic predicts five feet of sea level rise for South Florida in the next 85 years.

ScreenHunter_10750 Oct. 10 07.23 

Had they actually done any research, they would have known that sea level in south Florida has been rising 2.33 mm/year for the past century, has not accelerated, has not shown any correspondence with atmospheric CO2, and will only rise another seven inches by the year 2100.

ScreenHunter_10752 Oct. 10 07.38

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

You simply can’t make up stupid and dishonest like climate alarmists.

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17 Responses to Sea Level Idiocy At National Geographic

  1. Moors710 says:

    I do really have a difficult time believing that sea level rise of this 2.33 mm per year can be told from local subsidence. That really means the Florida numbers are in the noise.

    • Menicholas says:

      But at least it measures something real, using an actual pole, anchored in place, sitting in water, in the same place for a long time.

  2. Ernest Bush says:

    I will disbelieve anything National Geographic magazine currently says about climate, weather, and geology until a credible source is saying the same thing. If the staff of that magazine says something truthful I will automatically consider it a purposeful lie. Guilty until proved innocent. That magazine has become nothing but a glossy CAGW propaganda machine with pretty pictures and fake charts and graphs.

  3. hskiprob says:

    As many people know in So. Florida, Orlando was once the Florida shoreline and all of South Florida was marine shallows. Various shells and limestone coral rock are abundant from Miami all the way up. As the dredged the hundreds of miles of canals and spillways huge coral formations were unearthed. As a kid, almost anyplace we dug exposed shells or coral rock. A geologist friend suggests that in the early 1700s, according to records kept by Holland, sea levels were 2 to 4 feet higher. I however have never seen the records but some other evidence exists as to changing water levels such as marine plants now dead because they can’t live at the depths they are now at but obviously were once alive.

    • Menicholas says:

      Many old port cities around the world are now far from the water.
      The idea that we can control the level of the ocean, or that change is something which does not happen on the Earth on a continuous basis, as the foundation of the stupidity.
      I seriously think that all alarmists have to undergo a brain wipe procedure which erases all trace of common sense, and knowledge of actual Earth history, from their brains.

  4. I personally blame the rise in the massive rise in the human population – which is weighing down the land. And I’ve just sent of my grant application for $63million to research the effect of underwater cities which will take the weight off the land.

    (Do I need to put [/sarc]?)

    • hskiprob says:

      great comment. The main stream media is one of our biggest problems, one that even Jefferson articulated by saying, “the most honest information in a newspaper, is the advertisements.”

    • darrylb says:

      Hey S. S. I taught for a long time in Mapleton MN, which bills itself as the curling capital of Minnesota.
      So with that qualification can I join your team.? I only want 1,000K upfront. and of course all the usual perks. We can fly around in private jets along with the alarmist crowd, leaving their footprints all over.,
      Maybe we should build an underground city to protect us from the upcoming WW3

    • gregole says:

      63 million? Sounds about right…Others have done it. Sure beats Kickstarter.

  5. Menicholas says:

    “You simply can’t make up stupid and dishonest like climate alarmists.”

    The sad fact of the matter, in a nutshell.

    Thank you Mr. Heller.

  6. juanmirre says:

    When the first Egmont Key Light was built in 1848, it was the only lighthouse on the Gulf coast of Florida between Key West and St. Marks. In September 1848 a hurricane covered the island with six feet of water and damaged the new lighthouse. The keeper and his family rode out the storm in a small boat tied to a tree. When the keeper saw the damage to the lighthouse, he rowed off to Tampa and never returned. Another hurricane a few weeks later caused more damage, and beach erosion threatened to topple the tower. A hurricane in 1852 again threatened to topple the tower by undermining it. In 1857 work was begun rebuilding the tower. It apparently was moved 90 feet (27 m) inland at that time. The reconstruction was completed in 1858, and the lighthouse was placed back in service with a new third order Fresnel lens.
    Egmont Key lighthouse still there, after 158 years. Sea-level what?

  7. All for the money, they will do anything. ANYTHING!

  8. AndyG55 says:

    I’m near Sydney NSW Australia.

    In my lifetime the sea level rise has been around 4cm, as measured at Fort Denison, an extremely stable reference point.

    The daily range is something around 1.5 – 2m depending on moon etc.

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