Massive Increases Projected In Asian Coal Use

Barack Obama is focused on choking off the US energy supply, while lying about fake agreements with Asian countries. Asian coal usage is projected to triple by 2040.

1444759369187Australia’s coal exports set to rise as south-east Asia demand surges |

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6 Responses to Massive Increases Projected In Asian Coal Use

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    well thank you for good news for aussies:-)

  2. ozspeaksup says:

    oh…providing we can remove the greentard pollies from blocking coal mines etc that is;-/

  3. darrylb says:

    Well, good. It will help to make the earth greener!

  4. Is the President mentally unwell?

    I can’t judge the veracity of this claim but if we observe someone making a long series of inexplicable decisions, it’s a possibility, is it not?

    Equally plausible is Glenn Reynold’s speculation:

    If people keep choosing means that seem unsuited to their ends, consider that you might not understand their ends.

    The Chinese Communist Party government may or may not share the opinion of the unnamed European government but if an American President is taking steps advantageous to China and damaging to the United States, why not take advantage of the situation?

    Anyway, they possibly know more than the American public from reading Hillary Clinton’s and John Kerry’s emails. Either way, why would they interfere?

    “When the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him.”

    Napoleon Bonaparte reportedly urged patience as he spoke to his marshals at the Austerlitz battlefield in 1805

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