Temperatures In The Southeastern US Plummeting

Last week, climate criminals were blaming the rain in South Carolina on global warming causing more moisture in the atmosphere. One fatal problem with this theory is that the Southeastern US is getting much cooler.

ScreenHunter_14 Oct. 14 20.42

The frequency of hot summer days in the Southeastern US has dropped in half since the 19th century.

ScreenHunter_16 Oct. 14 20.51

Climate criminals are paid to scare people about climate, and actual facts are irrelevant to them.

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7 Responses to Temperatures In The Southeastern US Plummeting

  1. Gail Combs says:

    It certainly has been cooler here in North Carolina the last few years. Ten years ago it was much hotter with many days over 90F and a lot over 95F. Now we barely see temps up to 95F.

  2. Rico L says:

    I have 2 questions, but I am not sure where to post…

    Is there any evidence or data collected that would suggest at any point in the history (4.5 Billion years) of planet earth, that the surface was completely covered in water and there was no land? Moving on from this, what evidence or data exists regarding the least land available during the history of the earth?

    These may seem either a bit stupid or lame, but it bears thinking about…..

    Given that it has only taken mankind a couple of hundred years (if that) to build the entire Manhattan Island city – I don’t see moving as an issue….. (I also don’t see the need to move as ever being an issue)….

    Sorry for being off thread…

    • Gail Combs says:

      For what it is worth the Appalachians mtns date back more than 480 million years and were as high or higher than the Rockies are today. WIKI – Geology of the Appalachians (other sources given)

      For terraforming, check out Asa G. Sheldon (1788-1870) of Wilmington Massachusetts. His 1862 autobiography Life of Asa G. Sheldon, Wilmington Farmer details how he was commissioned to take down Pemberton Hill Boston and use it as fill on the north side of Causeway Street.

      His ad for twenty yoke of Oxen:


      …The 1829 map above shows the hill – then called Pemberton – surrounded by streets but still intact. The property was famous as the home of merchant Gardiner Greene and his terraced gardens, and for the view of the harbor from the estate….

      Gardiner Greene died in 1832, and his estate and the other that made up the hill property were bought by Patrick Tracy Jackson. Jackson then hired Wilmington teamster Asa Sheldon to level the hill. Starting in May of 1835, Sheldon used 126 oxen and 250 men to remove 65 feet of elevation off the top of the hill. Of the work crew, 60 were Yankees and 190 Irishmen, with most of the Yankees being teamsters driving wagons, and all of the Irish manning shovels. In five months, the job would be finished and new plots laid out.

      Bullfinch Triangle district 1838 (BPL). Note the addition of land above the top left corner of the triangle and the new Boston and Lowell train depot (shown in pink)….

      The two maps above show where the gravel fill was taken. Pemberton Hill had covered 4 acres, 2 1/2 of it owned by Gardiner Greene. The fill was moved by ox cart to the far side of Causeway street to create the land used for the new Boston and Lowell train depot, plus three new streets; Andover, Nashua and Lowell streets. The area covered was 8 acres, and the fill layer was 14 feet thick….


      I have his book and it is an interesting read.


    • rah says:

      Suggest that you buy this book. The Resilient Earth: Science, Global Warming and the Future of Humanity

      Written for the layman, it lays out the history of the earth and the science upon which it is based and much much more, presented in the context of the current argument about AGW. It is where I started when I began to try and get a handle on all of this stuff and I have never regretted it. Read it cover to cover twice and still use it today as a reference at times. Very affordable and very readable for the person without a scientific background.

  3. Tom Ryan says:

    Perhaps it’s hotter in Australia and Indonesia than a century ago, is anyone looking into that? After all, it’s global warming, not certain areas but not others. Anyhow, the far worse problem is pollution of the oceans, rivers and air, deforestation and desertification, which has been going on for more than half a century all over the globe and continues. For instance, more than 40 years ago it was well known that diesel engine exhaust was very harmful to our respiratory system. Why is there so little talk and action on pollution?

    • AndyG55 says:

      The highest recorded temperatures in Australia are from around 1895.
      If you look at the general trend of temps down here (sans BOM homogenisation) we see a sort of smile with the low point around 1960

    • AndyG55 says:

      ps.. data before 1910 is not used by BOM, for obvious reasons.

      JoNova has had many threads on BOM’s temperature manipulation shenanigans.. …

      … which for some reason nearly always lead to the creation of a warming trend. 😉

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