Methane BS From Kevin Trenberth

Kevin Trenberth of NCAR told this nonsense to the Washington Post :

Methane is a substantial contributor to global warming

Science: Global Warming and the Government

The radiative transfer model used by Trenberth’s NCAR is RRTM. That model shows that even a 500% increase in methane (CH4) would have almost no impact on Earth’s radiative balance in the mid-latitudes, where almost all of the world’s population lives.

Image 30

Methane is an unstable gas which oxides quickly in the atmosphere. It occupies less than two parts per million of the atmosphere, and its absorption bands almost completely overlap with H2O .  Even a very large increase in CH4 would have almost no impact on the climate.

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10 Responses to Methane BS From Kevin Trenberth

  1. Yeah, and humans don’t even make methane. It’s natural gas, comes out of the ground. Humans BURN methane, which is the opposite of making it.

  2. Chaam Jamal says:

    kevin trenberth should meet andrew lacis
    andew says that co2 is the temperature control knob. period. end of story.

  3. Steve Case says:

    One of the reasons methane is claimed to be such a powerful green house gas is that thee isn’t much of it. It doesn’t take very much of an increase in terms of parts per billion to reach the 500% mark or more.

  4. darrylb says:

    Kevin Trenberth is IMO at the heart of what is wrong in the climate science world.
    His attack on Roy Spencer’s published work and Roy himself was despicable.
    Yet, he was the first to produce a scientifically outlandish finding as to why the earth has shown no warming for the last 18 years,that being a reanalysis which showed heat hiding a half mile or more down in the depths of the ocean. That was the first of over 50 attempts to find the heat from various sources.
    When a recent finding that the heat really can be found in ocean surface temperatures, by taking corrupted temperatures of ship water intake despite valid findings to the contrary, he was in the ‘I told you so’ juvenile mode.
    He cannot take an objective look at findings, because his ego will not let him. He can’t accept the fact that this is all about the people of the world and not about him.

  5. kamas716 says:

    Cow farts. We’ll kill all the cows, force everyone to eat vegan and save the world! 25 years ago when when of my very liberal college friends said global warming was caused by cow farts we all looked at him like he was having another diabetic reaction. He also was a proponent of doming the world to modify the weather.

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