More Cynical Fraud From The Union Of Concerned Scientists And Katherine Hayhoe

Nine years ago, Katherine Hayhoe and the Union of Concerned Scientists predicted much hotter summers, warm winters and less snow for the Northeast. They said the climate of the Northeast would become like the South.

Image 38

Sun Journal

These were some of the stupidest predictions ever made.


When it became obvious that this was complete nonsense, how did they respond? They blamed the cold and snow on global warming.

Image 40

It’s Cold and My Car is Buried in Snow. Is Global Warming Really Happening? | Union of Concerned Scientists

Winter temperatures haven’t changed in the Northeast for 90 years.

ScreenHunter_3505 Oct. 20 17.51

Summer temperatures in the Northeast are the same as the were at the end of the 19th century

ScreenHunter_3506 Oct. 20 17.53

Hot days in the Northeast have become less frequent over the past century. It has been three years since there was any significant hot weather in the Northeast.

ScreenHunter_3507 Oct. 20 17.59

UCSUSA are fraudsters who scare people for money. There isn’t one smidgen of legitimate science behind their climate claims.

Image 41

Katherine Hayhoe constantly shoots her mouth off about things she understands nothing about. Computer models are not science, they are academic toys not worthy of mention outside of the staff room.

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4 Responses to More Cynical Fraud From The Union Of Concerned Scientists And Katherine Hayhoe

  1. Andy DC says:

    More snow, less snow, the same snow, whatever, we are all going to die!

  2. john says:

    It was snowing in Boston on Sunday.

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