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1973 : Arctic Ice Expanding, Animals Migrating South

23 Apr 1973, Page 21 In 1973, scientists had abundant evidence of global and Arctic cooling since the 1940s. This wrecked the more recent NASA global warming narrative, so they simply made it disappear.

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The Holocaust Began With Gun Control

Hitler implemented the gun confiscation which all socialists desperately seek, and then started hauling Jews off to the gas chambers, 12 Nov 1938, Page 1 – at Newspapers.com

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Washington Post Debunks The Washington Post

The Washington Post claims that climate change caused a drought in Syria. Drought helped cause Syria’s war. Will climate change bring more like it? – The Washington Post One hundred years ago, the same newspaper reported that Syria was “becoming dry … Continue reading

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1895 Journalist Debunks Guardian Climate Fraud

The Guardian claims that the climate has been stable for 10,000 years, and that it all changed in 2009. Copenhagen: The era of climate stability is coming to an end | Environment | The Guardian As with everything the Guardian … Continue reading

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No Warming In New Orleans Over 200 Years

In 1873, it was reported that New Orleans temperatures in the early 19th century averaged “more than 70 degrees” and winters averaged 56 degrees, and that there had been a cooling during the course of the century. 12 Mar 1873, … Continue reading

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