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Atlantic Hurricanes Down 80% Since Katrina

17 Oct 2005, Page 7 – at Newspapers.com In 2005, scientists declared the active hurricane season to be the “new normal.” As always, they had no idea what they were talking about. Atlantic hurricanes are down 80% since 2005 Weather … Continue reading

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1973 : AGU Scientists Predicted 200 Feet Of Sea Level Rise And Boiling Seas

Just in case you forgot for a minute that climate scientists have always been complete morons 13 Dec 1973, Page 5 – at Newspapers.com

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Symptoms Of Warming And Cooling Are Identical

Forty years ago, climate scientists blamed the polar vortex on expanding Arctic ice and global cooling. Now they blame the polar vortex and shrinking Arctic ice on global warming. 12 Mar 1975, Page 26 – at Newspapers.com Forty years later, scientists are … Continue reading

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