Symptoms Of Warming And Cooling Are Identical

Forty years ago, climate scientists blamed the polar vortex on expanding Arctic ice and global cooling. Now they blame the polar vortex and shrinking Arctic ice on global warming.

Image 53

Image 50

12 Mar 1975, Page 26 – at

Forty years later, scientists are saying the exact opposite. Polar vortex is now caused by global warming and shrinking Arctic ice.

Image 54

Image 51

Cold Air Invasion Coming: What’s the Role of Warming? | Climate Central

Climate experts simply make up technical sounding ad hoc gibberish, and sell it as snake oil to brainless progressives.

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3 Responses to Symptoms Of Warming And Cooling Are Identical

  1. Andrea sounds like a genius. She says massive sea-ice melting, I assume from a warming atmosphere, forces cooling of the atmosphere. First the atmosphere warms, which melts the ice, which cools the atmosphere.

    Pure genius.

  2. Billy Liar says:

    She’s also got 2,443 gullible people hanging on her every tweet.

    Pure stupidity.

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