The 97% Consensus Of Wildly Corrupt Scientists

Check out this mind-blowing fraud from California.

Image 5

Race under way to rebuild wetlands and hold back rising seas

Sea level hasn’t risen significantly in the San Francisco Bay for 75 years. How did these 100 criminals calling themselves “scientists” come to their conclusion?

Image 6

Data and Station Information for ALAMEDA (NAVAL AIR STATION)

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6 Responses to The 97% Consensus Of Wildly Corrupt Scientists

  1. David Cameron says:

    Help me help me!!!! I’m gunna drown in SF Bay any day now if someone or the government doesn’t send me lots of loot. Trust me, I’ll use it to stem the tides.

  2. I always thought wetlands were the best way to hold back water. The Dutch have been wasting their time with those dykes, levies always break, and dams will never work. We can hold back water with more water. Let’s write that down.

    Hey I just thought of something…..we can reduce CO2 in the air by adding CO2 to the air!!

  3. gregole says:

    “…that may help fuel a regional tax measure aimed at addressing the looming crisis.”

    Ah, the tax money. And how is this money going to “address the looming crisis”? Anything constructive going to be studied? They can start by looking at the local tide gauges, as shown here, and see there isn’t much to the looming crisis.

  4. Chaam Jamal says:

    The IPCC says that wetlands are bad because they form the largest single source of methane emissions in the world.

    • Yeah, and they can’t tax wetlands. Much better is to lie about how much methane is produced by big corporations and the 1% rich people. Better yet is to stick with CO2 because it’s much easier to tax.

  5. oppti says:

    Sealevel in San Francisco has risen 0,2 meters in 115 Years.
    “Driven by melting ice and expanding warming water, the bay and the Pacific Ocean off California will rise up to 1 foot in the next 20 years, 2 feet by 2050 and up to 5 feet by 2100, according to a 2012 study by the National Academy of Sciences.”
    I dont think so and NOOA agree:
    The trend is down!

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