University Of Colorado 1972 : New Ice Age Coming

Kook, Nutter and Connolley say this never happened, and call anyone who doesn’t agree with them “deniers”

Image 102

21 Jul 1972, Page 1 – at

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9 Responses to University Of Colorado 1972 : New Ice Age Coming

  1. Richard Keen says:

    In 1979 I got a degree in climate from the U of Colorado, working with that group mentioned in the article. My thesis topic was climate change in Baffin Island, with an eye on first detection of an upcoming ice age. However, most of us figured the cooling in the 1970s was an indicator of the changes that could develop into an ice age, rather than an actual ice age starting at the time. My work pinned it on the trough-ridge pattern, and that an ice age would require flow anomalies several times greater (and persisting for centuries).
    Note the concluding sentence about ocean-atmosphere interactions as a “sensitive barometer”. There was an inkling there of the not-yet-known Atlantic and Pacific Oscillations that are now clearly connected with that cooling.
    Most of that Arctic & Alpine Research group has since grabbed their free tickets and jumped on the AGW gravy train.

    • Billy Liar says:

      I always think that the Barnes Ice Cap is the canary in the coal mine. It doesn’t really appear to be disappearing at a very alarming rate despite the fact that it has been melting for close on 20,000 years.

      This paper has some good images from more than 40 years ago:


      If you look at satellite images of the Barnes Ice Cap from the last few years you will be hard pressed to find one where it looks as moth eaten as the one in Figure 5 of the reference taken on 7 August 1973.

      Someone should do some precision altimetry on the Barnes every year to check whether it’s accumulating or not.

    • gregole says:


      Thanks for the post! Informative and it’s good to hear from someone else who had a functioning brain center during the ’70s ice-age scare. I was working on my engineering degree at the time and remember well the reports of an “imminent ice-age”. Of course, we didn’t understand climate too well back then and once the PDO shifted it warmed back up and thankfully so.

    • Chaam Jamal says:

      great phrase. “the AGW gravy train”. thanks

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Off Topic but important. (As usual I can’t watch a video until I kick Hubby off his computer.)

    October 22, 2015 at 6:48 am

    You need to know who Rachel Kyte is because she is leading the financing of the global climate change initiative and she spoke honestly recently at a Soros-Podesta funded conference at the New Republic, an extremely far-left online publication.

    She is planning for global governance by the U.N. members, governance which will be funded with hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. with side agreements to keep the money flowing in perpetuity, and finally, this new global government will manage the world’s economy and land use.

    Rachel Kyte is World Bank Group Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change.

    Ms. Kyte is the leading figure for the World Bank Group in efforts to campaign for an ambitious agreement at the 21st Convention of the Parties of the UNFCC this December and she wants U.S. dollars to fund most of it.

    The ultimate financial goal is one trillion dollars but it is starting at $100 billion.

    > Don’t miss the videos@link of Rachel Kyte explaining what she will do:

    With Australia and Canada taken over by the left we are in a real world of hurt!!

  3. buckwheaton says:

    For those who deny climate change is real, all you have to do is consider that the settlement of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde became abandoned when a pervasive drought destroyed farming in that area about 1300 AD, long before Al Gore sounded the alarm.

    I am awaiting sound research showing the optimum climate for our present biosphere. But most “research” is really an attempt to secure the optimum level of government intrusion in our lives.

    It is no surprise that almost every demand made by advocates of global warming converges on bigger government, higher taxes, less freedom and more restrictions on how we choose to live our lives. That tells me all I need to know about this massive fraud.

  4. buckwheaton says:

    When Marxism was originally being sold to the masses, the pitch was that it would result in far greater prosperity for the people at the bottom of the economy. But we now know, thanks to the work of economists such as von Mises that a pure socialist economy is literally “unsustainable” because no participant has a way of knowing if his economic output is greater than his economic input.

    Now that the Soviet Union collapsed because its economy proved to be unsustainable, Marxists have shifted from selling Marxism/socialism as a means of greater prosperity for the workers to one by which society will become more “equal” and by which “income inequality” will be addressed.

    I cannot but help notice the parallels. Changes in the earth’s ever-changing climate were sold to us as a source of worry and government action because of Anthropomorphic Global Warming. When those models failed, then the pitch was changed to “climate change”. The end goal of the pitch never changed. Bigger government, less liberty. This lie is evil. I may not murder 100 million people like Marxism did, but it will still cost humanity plenty.

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