Katharine Hayhoe Caught Lying About Polar Bears

Katherine Hayhoe lives in Texas and tries to scare children about the demise of cute, cuddly Polar Bears.


Katharine Hayhoe – Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers — Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers | PBS

The people who actually live with the Polar Bears say they are doing just fine.



What I Learned on a Luxury Cruise Through the Global-Warming Apocalypse | The Nation

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9 Responses to Katharine Hayhoe Caught Lying About Polar Bears

  1. I can’t bear 30 seconds of watching her. Her smiley-face presentation and hand-waving gestures make my stomach cramp.

  2. Meanwhile her permanent drought is getting rain in the Texas panhandle with some counties under flash flood watch.

  3. Pathway says:

    I guess Kathrine doesn’t adhere to the old adage that you will go to hell for lying.

  4. Robertv says:

    “As a climate change evangelist, Katharine believes her religious faith obligates her to spread the word about climate change.”


  5. OrganicFool says:

    And we need to stop rural Indian villagers from getting connected to the grid. Their rice cookers endanger polar bears. Greenpeace says so.

    Coal Trumps Solar in India (and how Greenpeace helps keep poor people from killing polar bears)

    “The project was important to Greenpeace’s ambition. The group wants India to stop all new coal mining and coal-fired power plants because the resulting carbon emissions would contribute to climate change.”


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