Most Hyped Hurricane In History


The most dangerous storm in history is bringing 2 MPH winds to Manzanillo.


Calm winds and surfing in Puerto Vallarta


Watch Live webcams showing Mexico’s shoreline as Hurricane…

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8 Responses to Most Hyped Hurricane In History

  1. Floyd M says:

    That image is from yesterday

  2. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Latest CNN report from a ‘realty agent’ at ground zero Mexico:

    “It’s really quite refreshing with humidity down and a gentle pitter-patter of rain out in the garden. We are all happy and well…”

    Surprised CNN’s ministry of truth, climate propaganda unit let such treachery go to air!

    Fear not, CNN now warming of possible record rain, mudslides and the potential for “cars to drive off the road into running rivers” and “electricity polls to fall and electrocute people..”

    I kid you not.

    • Powers says:

      Correct. They, along with the other primary media outlets, will squeeze every drop of rain out of this in order to advance the CAGW narrative. It is rather funny that the “Most Dangerous Hurricane In History” turned into a “Named Tropical Depression” That won’t stop the media from stimulating amygdala’s to advance their Big Government agenda.

  3. QV says:

    The BBC joined in, with lurid coloured pictures (mainly red) of the hurricane, with no explanation of what the colours represented.

  4. Bryan Wiley says:

    Well I looked like an ass when I quoted you for saying Patricia had the second highest wind speeds in a forum of warmist-believers. Please don’t do that as it’s hard enough changing people’s minds.

  5. Keitho says:

    I went to this morning and the strongest winds I could find were 45kph. We have been royally bullshitted by these creeps.

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