National Geographic Goes Full Fraud Ahead Of Paris


How much fraud can National Geographic pack into one image?

  1. The image shows steam. They animated and colored it on their web site to make it look like fire.
  2. The record heat claim is the result of data tampering by NOAA.
  3. Ice has been melting for 20,000 years. It has nothing to do with CO2.
  4. Sea level has been rising for 20,000 years. It has nothing to do with CO2.
  5. Nothing National Geographic or anyone else does will either heat or cool the planet significantly.

Every single claim they are making is fraudulent. Here are the smoking guns.

In 1892, National Geographic reported that glaciers in Europe and Alaska were retreating rapidly. The magazine is denying their own history, and sliming their readers.

from perhaps the tenth to the sixteenth centuries, the glaciers of the Alps were much less extensive than at present.

At present they are in general retreating … almost as rapid as at Glacier Bay (Alaska)

ScreenHunter_10748 Oct. 10 07.05

ScreenHunter_10746 Oct. 10 07.02ScreenHunter_10747 Oct. 10 07.02

Sea level rose much faster for most of the last 20,00o years than it is now. It has nothing to do with CO2.

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level (3)

File:Post-Glacial Sea Level.png – Wikimedia Commons

Sea level rise/fall rates show no sensitivity to atmospheric CO2. None at all. CO2 has no impact on sea level rise rates. Lowering CO2 would not have any effect. National Geographic’s claims are completely fraudulent.

2015-10-24-06-53-16 2015-10-24-06-58-27

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

The claims of record heat are based on tampered data from NOAA and NASA, and are not legitimate.




The temperature record has been massively altered over the past 40 years

ScreenHunter_135 Oct. 19 09.49

Satellites show that the NOAA/NASA claims are completely fraudulent. Temperatures have been cooling this century, and are nowhere near record heat.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

All of the evidence National Geographic is claiming is fraudulent. There is no problem, and nothing they could do about it if there was. Global CO2 emissions are controlled by Asia, and they have no interest in participating in the National Geographic fraud. There are more than 2,000 coal fired power plants planned or under constructions.


fig_08_Top_FF_emitters_abs_300.png (2190×1564)

The fraudsters at National Geographic are lying to their readers about the non-problem, the evidence of the non-problem, and the solutions to the non-problem. Fraud doesn’t get any worse than that.

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19 Responses to National Geographic Goes Full Fraud Ahead Of Paris

  1. Steve Case says:

    I loves what you do, I hope your head don’t ‘splode (-:

  2. Steve Case says:

    And in case you missed it:
    “Miami-Dade Clerk Of Courts Calls For Sea-Level Rise Superfund”

    • rah says:

      Miami-Dade County? If I remember correctly that is one of those places where the IQ level is so subpar they are unable to properly complete simple punch out ballots and count them correctly!

  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    I agree with this Analysis 100% as my personal research shows exactly the same things albeit not as elegantly. All this hype for 2015 being the hottest year ever is only to support the COP21 carbon tax to be proposed in December in Paris. We will be bombard with false claims of high temperatures until the proposed carbon tax is approved by the UN and the required number a signers to make it legal is achieved. According to the current draft treaty the sign up starts in March 2016.


  4. gregole says:

    Great work Steve.

    Climate history is undeniable – our current climate is well within historic boundaries and is pleasant by comparison to the little ice age:

    ” Alpine (mountain) glaciers grew larger. In some cases, the ice engulfed mountain villages.
    Winters were longer and growing seasons shorter according to tree ring data and records of cherry tree flowering. Wet weather caused disease that affected people, animals and crops including the bubonic plague (also called the Black Death). This disease killed more than a third of Europeans.

    Farms and villages in Northern Europe were deserted because farmers couldn’t grow crops in the cooler climate. During the harshest winters, bread had to be made from the bark of trees because grains would no longer grow.

    Limited crops and unhealthy livestock caused famine in areas of northern and Eastern Europe. Unlike today, there was no way to transport food around the world to areas where crops had failed and people were hungry.”

    That tiny amount of CO2 Mankind has added to the biosphere has a net positive effect:

    “Increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have helped boost green foliage across the world’s arid regions over the past 30 years through a process called CO2 fertilization, according to CSIRO research.”

  5. Tom Anderson says:

    Hasn’t Rupert Murdoch just acquired National Geographic? What gives Rupe, just raking in the dough no matter the brain rot?

  6. Marsh says:

    I stopped Ordering National Geographic many years ago ; they were taking sides & pushing political agendas – it’s gone from lies to full blown fraud. National Geographic could have kept middle ground… instead they are accomplices to criminal fraud & co-conspirators to extortion.
    They crossed that line years ago ; today there’s no limit to fraud – towards the UN CC in Paris…
    In most of history, the print media maintained “some balance” of honesty over Governments or corrupt Organisations. Sadly, much of the Media has betrayed the people & their principles by supporting Global Warming propaganda.

  7. According to media reports, multiple attacks are underway in Paris and surroundings. President Hollande was evacuated from a soccer stadium. The attackers reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar”. A CNN analyst just said it is not clear if it is a terrorist attack.

    Clearly, global warming is the number one security threat. The COP 21 climate conference in Paris couldn’t come any sooner.

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