The Hillary Witch Hunt


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9 Responses to The Hillary Witch Hunt

  1. Steve Case says:

    Did she really say that? I mean really she isn’t that dumb is she?

  2. skeohane says:

    The hunt is over, we found her. Now if we could just get her to shut up.

    • Richard Keen says:

      As they say, the science is settled.

    • It’s obvious to any one with enough brains to tie their shoes that Hillary lied, The President lied, and Susan Rice lied. Hillary and the President spent that night deciding on a lie to cover the Presidents back side because of the up coming election. Now the entire Administration and leadership in Congress are forced to back Hillary because if they don’t she has the ammo to throw this Administration under the bus if she decided to come clean. Even if the FBI decides to indict Hillary over her E Mails the DOJ will refuse to prosecute. Without a Republican Admin. it will all be swept under the rug like the IRS, Fast and Furious, ect.

    • Comment of the week! I say Bill found her first. Finder’s keepers.

  3. gator69 says:

    If the broom fits, stick it.

  4. darrylb says:

    Thomas Jefferson stated that the most important of the five guarantees in the first amendment is the Freedom of the press. He also stated that what one can trust the most in the Press are the advertisements.

    The main stream media framed the testimony before the testimony began. Will she keep her cool or won’t she and WOW, she kept her cool, a victory for Dems.

    Little mention of the substance of investigation and every mention was about politics.
    Never mind that in two emails that finally became available it, she stated that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack. Yet later, Susan Rice stated on National TV it was reaction to a video. and parents of the four victims were told by Hillary that they were going to catch and try the flim maker.
    Also, the film maker was actually put in jail for a non crime, (nothing illegal about making a film)

    Also becoming available was the fact that Ambassador Stevens had requested security over 600 times, but received no replies. That was terrible.

    Finally, I would like to once have determined just who propagated the idea that it was a film and on what evidence did anyone determine it was a film.

    Of course, it was just before an election and Obama had just stated that Al Qaeda was on the run and we couldn’t have evidence of a terrorist attack now could we.

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