Florida To Drown In Only 1400 Years

Sea level at Fernandina  Beach, FL has been rising at 2.08 mm/year since the 1890’s. The city is only 10 feet above sea level, which means they will drown on October 24, 3415. (They may actually get an extra day or two since there has been no sea level rise there for 25 years.)

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Sea Level Trends – State Selection


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6 Responses to Florida To Drown In Only 1400 Years

  1. I don’t know what to think about Fernandina Beach. A lot of turnover. A French pirate and a Scottish soldier of fortune couldn’t hold onto it and moved on. The Spanish came twice and left again. This is from a puff piece written by Lawrence who lives there and likes the place:

    Crime in Fernandina Beach
    By Lawrence Mackie on June 15, 2009

    Recently we had a discussion that SearchAmelia.com did not want to dwell on any crime that takes place in Fernandina Beach …
    This got me thinking intensely about violent crime here …
    … there is Crime every where, and criminals and weirdoes will always exist …
    … serious crime and most of it stems from drugs, and severe degenerates …
    … locations around town that are known crime areas …
    … criminals are not advertising their corner trying to lure in the tourists.

    … it seems, we really do live in Paradise!


    And here it is with more detail:


    I think sea level rise is not one of their problems. Extrapolated from the past, the Spanish will come and go six times before the place drowns in the sea.

  2. Steve Case says:

    Sea level rise at Fernandia Beach is decelerating at a negative rate* of -0.007 mm/yr² which is consistent the satellite data. Well except that the satellite data from Colorado University’s Sea Level Research Group has been bumped up by nearly a millimeter per years over the last decade or so.

    * Comparison of 30 year rates 1954 -1984 and 1984-2014

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Fears of sea level rise causes some countries to consider spending $billions on climate reparations to the UN to help poor Pacific islands at sea level that are living in fear of inundation.

    Some countries at sea level are spending billions of dollars and preparing for their demise in the most unusual ways.



    • rah says:

      Here too! How about the “Big Dig” in Boston?

      • Disillusioned says:

        Why yes – the fear sea level rise causes the most unusual building projects at sea level. I understand that total cost exceeded $24 billion.

        We should put together a list of these. 😀

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