Katherine Hayhoe’s Spectacular Lies About Lubbock Heat

During the hot summer of 2011, Katherine predicted a huge increase in the number of 100 degree days in Lubbock, Texas.


With No End in Sight for Texas Drought, ABC News Explains: “Every Farmer in the World Will Be Affected by Climate Change” | ThinkProgress

In fact, the exact opposite is happening. The frequency of 100 degree days at Lubbock has dropped in half over the past ninety years. She cherry picked a single outlier year in 2011 to use as her reference point. Since then, the number of 100 degree days has plummeted, and this year was one of only four over the past 110 years, which didn’t have any 100 degree days.


Crosbyton is the closest USHCN station to Lubbock.


You can download the Crosbyton daily temperature data here.


If that doesn’t work, here is a copy I downloaded this morning.


This sort of anti-science malfeasance is standard operating procedure for Katherine Hayhoe. She ignores actual thermometer data, and makes claims based on meaningless output of broken climate models, with no qualifiers or explanation that the models are at odds with the measured data.

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7 Responses to Katherine Hayhoe’s Spectacular Lies About Lubbock Heat

  1. bit chilly says:

    she was right about every farmer in the world being affected though tony. they have had to employ extra people as the harvests have been so good due to all that co2 😉

  2. Steve Case says:

    Thanks for the data links. My primitive Excel skills yield a 37% drop since 1920 (Is that close enough?) and since 1893 a slight increase.

    In any case my findings are similar to yours when I’m able to access the data.

    But it looks like the Climate Juggernaut isn’t going to be stopped by the likes of you and me or anytime soon.

    The United Nations opinion survey
    shows that 21% of people place Climate Change in the top six concerns out of 16 categories.

    Yes it’s dead last, but it’s also 21%

  3. annieoakley says:

    Think Pr0gress is George Soros funded. And I believe it had zero problems getting tax-exempt status yet is never ever audited.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Every idiot know that Lubbock”s heat in 2011 is climate, but record freezing of the Great Lakes the last two winters is just weather. (sarc)

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