The Hockey Stick Made The Western US Livable

The wettest century in the western US was the 20th century. The time when CO2 was rapidly rising, and when climate experts claim temperatures were rising in an unprecedented hockey stick.

2015-10-29-12-57-12California drought: Past dry periods have lasted more than 200 years, scientists say – San Jose Mercury News


2015-10-29-12-51-03Severe Ancient Droughts – A Warning to California –

If we are to believe climate fraudster Michael Mann’s temperature claims, rising CO2 and rising temperatures reduced drought in the west and made it liveable. This is the exact opposite of the claims made by climate fraudster Katherine Hayhoe.

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4 Responses to The Hockey Stick Made The Western US Livable

  1. JP says:

    Lest we forget, there was another mega-drought in North America. This one occurred circa 1570-1620 along the Tidewater area of the East Coast. Climatologist David Stahle reported that between 1606-1612 this area of Virgina experienced the worst drought in the history of North America. Based on tree rings of the local bald cypress, the Virginia Tidewater in fact had a millennium drought. One would have to go back to the 8th Century to find a drier period anywhere in North America.

    What is ironic is that this drought occurred during some of the coldest decades of the Little Ice Age. This drought explains the disappearance of the Jamestown settlers (and the local Native American tribes). The settlers were probably starving, and the set out for Appalachia where they perished.

  2. sfx2020 says:

    Isn’t extreme drought associated with cold periods? Callendar writes about the problem of CO2 being the control of global climate in his paper

    He notes that if CO2 levels falling lead to a glacier building period of an ice age, then a decrease in CO2 would have to make the climate colder, and wetter at the same time. (page 148)

    He proposed low CO2 level would cool cloud tops, leading to more precipitation, so that a glacier building period is colder, and has more snow, from an increase in cloudiness and precipitation.

    Obviously there is a problem with that idea.

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