A Scary Halloween In 1950


On Halloween 1950, almost two thirds of the US was over eighty degrees. The warmest location was Hartington, Nebraska which reached 94 degrees. The US average maximum temperature that day was 76 degrees.

If this happened now, climate experts would say they were 99% certain it was due to CO2, and that it couldn’t couldn’t have happened in the past.


1 Nov 1950, Page 1 – at Newspapers.com

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1 Response to A Scary Halloween In 1950

  1. Andy DC says:

    The heatwave that lasted into the first few days of November 1950, was followed by one of the worst coldwaves, blizzards and windstorms on record in the American east, Appalachians and Midwest around Thanksgiving. Winds of 108 mph in Newark, NJ with over 50″ of snow in WW and over 30″ in Ohio

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